Understanding the Human Aura

auraAn aura is an energy field, a very subtle energy field of luminous radiation. Every plant, animal or object has an aura. It is the electric field surrounding all matter and as such can be measured with the right equipment just like most other electric fields.

Even your human aura can be read and seen by sensitive meters. Kirlian photography has been used since the mid 1900’s to view auras.

This signature of our energy is fluid, constantly in motion, morphing and changing with every thought we think, every word we express and every deed we do.

According to mystics of old, every human being is really a stack of bodies layered one on top of the other…starting with the dense physical and moving to the lighter non-physical. The aura is the energy signature of these bodies.

Extending approximately 2-3 feet out from the human body, this electronic field of particle energy reveals to those around us, those with who can see, read or feel it an exact blueprint of who we are inside. It is our energy signature.

This energy field is suspended around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field that extends into the ground and above the head. It exposes the health or disturbance of our physical body as well as our more subtle emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Poor diet, alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, stress, anger all weaken the human aura but dwelling in negative thought or emotions is the worst offender and destroyer of brilliance. What you think, say and do directly shows up in your aura.

Thoughts and feelings make impressions in your aura. They can cause areas of it to change colors, stagnate, flow or glow. Colors blend into each other and continuously move. Dark thoughts produce dark colors, your aura colors become dull, blurry and stagnant within localized areas. Happy, sun shine filled thoughts of Love make your aura strong and resilient.

Daily meditation, a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, fresh air, lots of nourishing sunlight and soul soothing music can all contribute to increasing the beauty and strength of your aura.

Positive attitudes…staying in a balanced state of mind against all odds, expressing compassion, forgiveness, kindness and LOVE is the strongest tonic to increasing the intensity and keeping your aura healthy and glowing.

Because auras are fluid and constantly changing depending on our thoughts, words, actions and and how we allow the environment to effect us, they take in energy and give it out. Just as certain characteristics from our personality are dominant, the energy colors they display are the core colors of our auras.

Your aura is directly related to your chakras with each of the seven layers representing one of the seven major chakras as well as the color associated with that frequency. It is also a type of sensor, reading other peoples auras and pairing the information received with information gained from past memories and your physical senses to form your present perceptions.

For the most part people feel auras more than they ‘see’ them although some people such as clairvoyants are born with the ability to see auras and others train themselves to see them.

Auras represent us. They are a higher visual representation of the health of our spirit, mind, emotions and physical body.  Just as insects seem to have awareness that reaches beyond their physical bodies and warns them of danger, so too do we have particles of energy that not only represent us but coupled with our other senses make us keenly aware of the world around us.

We just need to learn to pay attention.

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