Love is Both Self-Love and Self-Surrender

I AM LOVELove is both self-love and self-surrender.


A discovery and embracing of all aspects of self.

This is the first and most important aspect of Love to understand and embrace, for you must be able to authentically love yourself before you can authentically love anyone else. The very simple reason for this is that both you and all others are cut of the same cloth. Reverse engineer anything and everything and soon you arrive at starting point A…which is the same point for all created things.

If you cannot love who you are how can you ever expect to love another that is identical in nature to you?

In order to fully embrace self love you must become self aware.

Self awareness is Knowledge, Knowledge is gleaned from Wisdom and Wisdom is a aspect of Love.

To be self aware is to KNOW LOVE. You are the fullness of LOVE.


A complete surrender of self to Divine Will. As we become self aware, we recognize the Divine seed within us and therefore within all others. We recognize our part is to serve as a vehicle for Divine Intelligence to express through…in all ways. We are the vehicles of expression used by Source Intelligence to manifest Divine Will through our creations in the world of sense.


When with a brother,
And we are all brothers

Talk not always of things serious and requisite
But respond to the spirit of him with whom you speak,

And be he light and carefree, be you likewise.
But be receptive to his inner nature

And partake of his wisdom and love.
Should you sense a yearning

Give him a glimpse of the flower of your dreams.
But if he responds not to its beauty and fragrance

Go blissfully on your way. However,
Should he be struck with the allure of the blossom

Show him freely  all the wonderful flowers of your garden.
And speak with him of the invisible Divinity which

Encompasses and interpenetrates us all,
And let him feel the love you bear him

As a brother and a precious child of God,
On his lonesome journey to self-knowledge and freedom.

Lilburn S. Barksdale

As this poem so eloquently expresses it…

  • to love is to recognize the needs of another before our own…
  • to love is to keep from judging another no matter what level of consciousness they are expressing for you only see perfection…you only see the Divine expressing and you know that all is perfect in the moment.
  • to love is to willingly adapt oneself to any situation, putting Divine expression above all else.
  • to love is to patiently wait for others to blossom in their own time and to generously share the fruits of knowledge gleaned and allow others to share their fruits.
  • to love is to balance our hearts with our minds and our minds with our hearts in all our endeavors.
  • to love is to choose peace over chaos in every situation…no matter how it expresses or desires to express.
  • to love is to heal and bless people, places and things by recognizing the Divine essence of Light/Love that is the center and frequency of every atom, molecule and cell that makes up these manifestations.
  • to love is to serve. To love is to be whatever is required of us in the moment in order to express Divine Will.

Take a moment to reflect inward this Valentine’s Day. Resolve to continue this inner journey with courage, patience and clarity…without self judgments and restrictions. Allow freedom of authenticity to create and color your world.

Allow yourself to LOVE YOU!

This is the lasting, eternal love you’ve been searching for and the one you can authentically share with others. Love in any other form is temporary and limited and pales in it’s midst.

You are the fullness and Power of LOVE. There is nothing created that is greater than LOVE for LOVE is the Power behind all created things.

May you know the Divine Spirit of Love beyond human limitations.

“Happy Valentine’s Day” 😉

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