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field of heartOften times when facing critical decisions or crossroads in our lives, we turn to our closest friends and confidants for advice.

Most often, if they truly want the best for us, they will advise us to “follow our hearts.”

This advice is commonly used but how many people really have the slightest idea of what it truly means? Of how powerful and profound those words are?

Until recently, Western science taught that the heart was nothing more than a muscle that weighed ten pounds and whose main and only responsibility was/is to pump blood. The brain was considered far superior as compared to this little understood organ…the heart.

But as research studies progress, we are learning more about this magical/mystical organ and if you take the time to explore other cultures and religions, you will learn that it has a major role to play not just in our individual lives but also in the entire Universe.

In fact, it has recently been discovered that the heart has a mind and actually communicates with the brain and that it has its own nervous system that functions independently as well.

The heart is way more than just a pump to distribute blood and keep us alive. The heart is intelligent.

The heart has its own mini brain of sorts, with its own nervous system composed of approximately 40,000 neurons. It emits an electromagnetic field that extends approximately 15 feet in every direction and surrounds the entire body.

This electromagnetic field connects all of us…one to the other in ways we are just beginning to comprehend.

The heart and the brain are not separate. They actually communicate and interact every moment of every day as ONE unit through nerve impulse transmission, hormones, pressure waves and electromagnetic fields of interaction.

This communication is crucial as it keeps our hearts pumping, our lungs breathing and the smooth operation of every system within our bodies. This interaction/communication is essential for living and without this communication there is no life.

The bottom line is this; the heart is not just a pump and source of emotions. The heart is actually responsible for sending intuitive signals to the brain. 

What that reveals to us is that the heart is the force behind the powerful and intuitive thoughts we have as well as feelings that we experience.

As the source of energy and information, the heart field is powerful beyond measure. It reveals to the cells within our bodies what to perform and  how to perform it.

This personal heart field that extends out 15 feet from each of us exists within a greater energy field…an ocean of energy that under proper circumstances can be accessed by the human mind.

The information we gain through accessing this heart intelligence far transcends what is fed to us through our physical senses and intellect alone. It expands consciousness, empowers our minds and sets us free from the illusions that have held us bound to duality.

Since the heart is intelligent then the expression “follow your heart” makes perfect sense.

When you recognize and embrace the heart’s intelligence, you will find it easier to reign in your emotions; to feel emotions in a more reasonable manner, to act with power and control rather than react with servitude.

When you learn to quiet your mind of personal chatter and open it to heart intelligence, you will hear an intelligence born of inspiration balanced with intellect rather than intellect alone. You will hear “heart intelligence”.

A mind that has opened to heart intelligence receives divine inspiration and personal inner guidance. Peace, prosperity, happiness, joy and well being are all results of living heart centered and acting from heart intelligence.

A mind with heart…this is the source of inspired Power.

4 Responses to A Mind With Heart

  • Truly the heart is the seat of infinite intelligence.It is holistic,intuitive,and super potent by itself.the heart is both,impressive and impressionable together.That is why it occupies a special place in all spiritual or romantic literature.
    In the eastern spiritual practice the heart is also an energy centre or chakra.it is called the anahata chakra and is symbolised by eight petals.It is also the seat where the anahat naad can be heard(sound without percussion).It is the seat of divine connection,and an important chakra to be pierced by the Kundalini Shakti while risisng upward.
    I think your explanation strongly corroborates whatever is mystically known by the eastern
    spirituality about the heart.

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