A Day Of Quiet Reflection On An Amazing 7 Year Journey

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that as our circle of influence has grown throughout the years that not everyone has been on this amazing life’s journey with us from the start. So I thought it was time for a little trip down memory lane to share with our dear friends – old and new – a glimpse into our past and how we’ve arrived in YOUR LIFE today in this space.

Seven years ago today, my husband Greg and I reached a milestone as he quit his J.O.B. and arrived home from work to tell our then, very young daughters, that he’d just quit and would be staying at home with us forever. Our youngest replied, “Yay, your new job is to stay home and play with us all day!” And “play” we did – indeed…!

In the 7 years that have since passed, we have traveled and home schooled our daughters throughout 37 states, built multiple thriving online businesses and touched thousands of lives through our mentoring and coaching, motivational speaking and personal growth products and services.

In the weeks that followed Greg quitting his job, it was as if golden gates opened before us and there were offers to speak and an abundance of opportunities that flowed to us from every direction – things that we never could have even entertained doing if we were mired in the traditional 9-5 lifestyle that had previously been our world. As we pursued our passion of helping others achieve the lifestyle of their dreams, the Universe was delivering to us the life of our dreams! And the example we set to others was to believe in yourself and take the leap of faith to follow your dreams, and life won’t disappoint!

In the first year we found ourselves traveling 9 out of the 12 months and no sooner did we put it out to the Universe that hotel living was getting tiresome, we acquired our first motorhome and ventured out on the road for what would be a new addiction to a lifestyle that we are still enthralled with to this very day.

Our mobile lifestyle has afforded us the opportunity to touch many lives personally and professionally as well as continue to grow our brand and our circle of influence. With dear friends, partners and associates that span every country of the globe, we are truly blessed to have the most amazing people around us and a platform for spreading our message of hope, faith and abundance beyond measure.

After two years had passed, never having returned to our house which sat idle – save for my dear sister-in-law who kept up the yard through 2 years of summer, rain and snow – we endured a flood that wiped away our house and all of our personal possessions that were not already with us in the motorhome.

Embracing the lessons that our life was not defined by those material possessions, we committed fully to the full-time RVing lifestyle and our “sticks and bricks” home and belongings faded to a distant memory. Stronger for having the experience, we never looked back and today we enjoy life in our 2nd motorhome as well as many “toys” that allow us to pursue our passions and hobbies while on the road.

With the dawn of each day bringing a new family adventure in a new locale, we wake to a wealth of abundance and gratitude for life that is priceless. But beyond our own personal adventures, it is truly messages like this that serve as the wind beneath our wings: (From a Facebook message this past Thursday):

Or this email I received last night:

THIS is why we do what we do and the world that our daughters are growing up in – the reality that no dream is too big and no opportunity to impact the life of others should go unanswered.

And the result is a happy, loving and warm  home with two awesome young ladies that have identified and begun pursuing their own passions of singing, performing, photography and bringing hope and joy to all those they meet along the way.

As I sit here writing this today from “motorhome central,” we are in our winter home in Arizona getting ready to take an awesome Caribbean cruise and “check out” for a few weeks of much needed rest and relaxation with some awesome food and pampering in store. But no trip like this would ever be complete without pausing to express gratitude for all those in our life that have enjoyed this amazing journey with us over the past 7 years and all of those new friends who have joined us at different stages along the way.

It it YOU who propel us to great heights and our commitment to bringing you our best each and every day is a privilege we don’t take lightly.

Thank you for being YOU!

And know that the future holds more grand opportunity than any of us can envision and as we mutually allow it to unfold before us, it is a pleasure to be sharing the road of life with all who venture here…

In Gratitude!
Stephanie, Greg, Marina and Morgan



12 Responses to A Day Of Quiet Reflection On An Amazing 7 Year Journey

  • Tim Pond says:

    Hi guys,
    thank you for your personal and inspiring post.
    You’re a perfect example that LOA (applied in the right way) works.
    I’m so honored to get guidance and encouragement from you Stephanie.
    With gratitude, have a fabulous cruise,

  • Thank you Stephanie, for sharing your inspiring story. The essence of peace and joy found in living a life you choose shines through every word. And what a gift you are giving your children!
    I am grateful to have found my way through the internet maze to your “list”.
    Sending you many, many blessings.

  • kathy says:

    Warm greetings,
    I wish you well on your vocation and continue to make the world a better Place.
    Kathy S

  • Roger Wicks says:

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with me. Maybe it will help me focus better and produce more.

  • Stephanie,

    Thank you for sharing this peek into your process and your lifestyle. I had joined your free gift gving about a year ago and the free health gift giving a few months ago. Each time I added many new people to my lists but I knew nothing about you and the other organizers.

    You have truly built something inspiring and it is a reminder that each of us can do it, almost have an obligation to do it – to put our inspirational work out into the world for others to find our message and transform their lives as a result.

    Thank you.


    Dr. Erica

  • A truly inspiring post. Congratulations on your well-deserved success and all the best on your Caribbean cruise. Say hi to Harry Belafonte if you meet him.

  • Edine says:

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to believe in my dreams.
    With love, Edine

  • Zaidi says:

    Dear, friend, Stephanie,,,,,,,,, I like your story enormously,, purely and simply, because it is a real story,,,,,,,,, it comes from your real life ,,,,,,,,,, and that and a very great courage and endless friendship that you show,,,,,,,,,,,,, I say only,,,,,,, of enjoy life, with lots of love and hope

  • Rosalind says:

    Thanks so much for your inspiring story
    All the best on your vocation enjoy your time

    Thank you

  • yasmina cera says:

    Hi! Dear Family!

    Congratulation on your 7 years of Bliss. You certainly own your beautiful story. Happy for you guys .& also wish you the best on your vacation.
    Glad I am part of your virtual family. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    Sincerely Yours,

  • Noharm says:

    To my wonderful family of 4, may you enjoy your future more than your past, and may Creator continue to guide you in such a peaceful and loving way.

    Talk to you when you get back.

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