Understanding Personal Power…Your Key to Manifesting

personal powerHow we connect and use our own Personal Power is a topic that has been explored at length by ancient Wisdom seekers of Truth as well as modern day mystics alike throughout all ages and times.  Personal Power is what we all silently seek but most have yet to discover.

Personal Power encompasses all aspects of our being…the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

We have the ability and strength as humans to go within ourselves and accomplish any desire we can imagine by using specific methods and following certain laws.

It is a birthright we were born with but few have consciously tapped into these latent powers.

“If you will recognize, by means of your intellect, the fundamental Principles of Personal Power; and realize them in your feelingyou be able to manifest and demonstrate them in your everyday life and work…”

Sounds simple enough…and it is. Everything we manifest in our lives is created using the basic principles of idealization, affirmation and actualization. The methods used to apply these principles may change as the culture changes, however the principles will always remain the same.

By taking control and using this powerful law consciously in cooperation with your Will power you can learn to create any desired image you want to see manifest in your life.

“A strongly projected Thought-Form, or Idealized Form, vitalized and energized by Will-Power, tends to attract to itself and to build a he sense of objective and material existence and condition); and idealization is transformed into materialization.”

Truly it is as above so below. Create your thought form or image consciously by using the powers of your imagination, keep the thought form growing and unfolding by the strength of your personal Will. Embrace it with your heart, soul, mind and strength. Remember, you are artist creating and an artist must see their creation through to completion.

What is it you crave to be or do or to have happen in your life? What brings you JOY? Discover that and reach for it, know that it is yours by virtue of your desire for it. Honestly do you think your creator would give you the ability to desire something that you could not go forward and create or allow you to feel JOY in something only to withhold it from you as some sort of punishment?

Form a definite, clear and strong ideal image or thought form of your desire. Throw in whatever details you feel passionate about, the more detailed the better.

Don’t muddy it by separating yourself from it with negative thoughts, emotions or actions. Any negativity will only work to destroy your image. You must claim it.

You must remain in full Faith of it’s completion and follow through with the action steps that are revealed to you until your pattern is complete, all the while keeping your attention on the present moment with full gratitude.

You neither have to toil, work or slave to receive your gift/vision. Your only job is to remain steadfast in your belief while remaining focused in the present and performing each action step as it is revealed. By keeping your attention on the moment you will not miss any action steps when they appear in your life. If you are busy trying to create the action steps for yourself…laying out plans etc. you will most likely not recognize the inspired action step when it does appear and miss the very opportunity that would take you one step closer to manifesting your dream.

The forces of Desire, Faith, and Will Power are real and active forces that you can control. (Remember, electricity is a force…one we cannot see but is very real as these forces are…we are all electromagnetic beings operating in an electromagnetic world.)

We must learn to take control of the powers that are at our disposal and become conscious creators. That is our purpose and the vision of Universal Source in creating us 😉 We are the tool being used to manifest the desires of Divine Will.

3 Responses to Understanding Personal Power…Your Key to Manifesting

  • Very well written article. It really is true that biggest defining factor between success and personal growth typically is not your talents or even connections. The single biggest factor is how much faith and personal dedication you have to growth or a cause. If you know in every part of your being that you will accomplish something, it is sure to come to pass. I like when you mentioned not muddying your thoughts, that is literally what focusing on negativity does. It throws unnecessary mud on your positive momentum. The hard ground you had been walking to turns to slosh when you focus on negative thoughts. I enjoy your site, i write primarily about mental mastery and personal development, thank you for the additional insight!
    -Dave (Personal growth project)

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