The SMART Way To Achieve Your Goals

Just about everyone knows the importance of goal setting.  But the problem with it is that either people become overwhelmed and don’t do it or they set goals but are mystified as to why they never achieve them.  Either way, it’s self defeating.

In my years of experiences as an online entrepreneur and helping others become entrepreneurs, I’ve found some simple keys to set goals and achieve them.
One method I often recommend is called the “SMART” way to set goals.

You guessed it, it’s in the acronym S.M.A.R.T.

‘S’ stands for ‘Specific’. Your goals aren’t going to be achievable if you’re not specific about it.  “I want to work from home,” isn’t specific enough.  But “I want to earn a full-time income at least equal to my day job salary working from home doing Internet Marketing” is much more specific.

‘M’ is for ‘Measurable’. If there’s no way to measure your goals, then how will you know if you have attained them?  A goal to become richer should state by how much in terms of monthly income, a goal to become more productive should be measured by the number of tasks done in a day, a goal to qualify for a certain incentive should state by what margin etc.

‘A’ stands for ‘Attainable’. Your goals should be within your reasonable means to attain.  It’s pointless having goals that are virtually impossible or impractical to achieve.  This will demoralize instead of motivate you.  At the same time, your goals should not be too easy to achieve either.  If they are too easy, it might disinterest or bore you.  Your goals should be challenging enough to keep you motivated to keep on striving to achieve them.

‘R’ stands for ‘Reviewable’. If your goals are challenging enough, they are not likely to be achieved overnight.  Therefore, you should constantly review your progress.  This helps you remain focused and keep progressing towards attaining your goals.

And finally, ‘T’ is for ‘Timely’. You must always have a deadline for every goal you set.  A goal without a deadline is just a wish.

One final thing about goals is that they should be made tangible as much as possible.  Do you know why self-help gurus always tell you to write down your goals?  Because it makes your goals tangible.  For years, I avoided this one – but during long drives that we’d take, I started bringing a notebook to pass the time, and suddenly I became addicted to writing things down with a good old fashioned pen and paper and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made!

Likewise, if your goals can be pictured, find pictures of your goals and compile them. We have a digital photo frame that serves as our “vision board” so they stay top of mind daily. You may want to do the same and then you can look at your goals every day.  By doing so, you are giving your mind a mental representation of your goals.  And whatever your mind conceives, you can and will achieve.  You might think it sounds corny, but it’s true.

So go ahead and set some goals for yourself.  But do it the SMART way!


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