Be a Creator of Synchronicity


1. The state or fact of being synchronous or simultaneous; synchronism.
2. Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in Jungian theory as an explanatory principle on the same order as causality.

SynchronicitySynchronicity is a component of the Moment and the Moment is the Greatest Gift …that’s why it’s called the “Present”

You cannot experience synchronicity in the past of your life nor the future. Only in the NOW will you be able to experience this seeming magical potion that makes life run smoothly…without resistance and toil.

When your consciousness/awareness resides in the moment rather than dwelling in some past memory or stressing over some future “supposed” happening (you know…off in your thoughts somewhere creating a drama to play out in your life)…you become alive as you literally “plug in” to the energy of the moment where Universal power, Inspiration and Synchronicity spring from.

When you are in the moment…you are not in your thoughts. It is as simple as that.

You are either in your thoughts or you are not.

If you are, then you are missing the magic that dwells only in the moment; the gift, the present. You cannot be both places.

We must understand that when we are focused in the moment, we allow life to flow unimpeded with full trust that everything is perfect. If we view the moment as being anything but perfect, our minds immediately begin weaving a drama with solutions and more solutions etc.; one drama most assuredly leading to another drama, literally dramatizing our lives!

If we view everything as perfect, we simply allow and enjoy. There is nothing else to do because we don’t have to change anything….we simply enjoy the moment and allow synchronicity to play in our lives as people, places and things seem to magically appear without effort.

No effort at all. Just the “wow” factor. Two seemingly separate events, showcasing people or experiences, will line up in perfect fashion unfolding for us the solution or the next step.

We allow life to unfold naturally. Life always unfolds with the central purpose of the “good of everyone”, it is our personal perceptions and ideas that push it away…resist it and miss opportunity.

Our only job is to recognize and to act on these synchronous moments when they appear in our lives and take any needed steps without reservation when they present themselves to our conscious awareness…no matter how they may appear to our intellect.

When our conscious attention is comfortably in the NOW and not off creating some sort of drama, inspiration can be heard. Our Higher Self that views the “Big ” picture is always trying to reach through but our minds are so cluttered with personal thought debris that we cannot hear this quiet, yet powerful voice of Source and those precious inspired moments are wasted in lieu of “struggle”.

Silence is inspiration’s invitation to listen and speak from our hearts. When we are silent in our minds…when we arrest the continual flow of “chatter” that bombards us with seeming ‘solutions’ to problems…when our minds become empty of our personal…very limited view of how these things need to be solved, we are filled with the Light of a Higher Consciousness that contains “All Possibility”.

Stress is born of ignorance; of believing you must solve any problem by thinking it through, by coming up with solutions. How many times have you expressed or heard it expressed by others: “I am not physically tired…I am mentally worn out”?

There are no problems if you live in the moment because you have access to “All Possibility” which contains all seeming solutions. If all solutions are readily at your fingertips at all times when consciously dwelling in the moment, then there can be no problems.

“All Potential/Possibility” with it’s companions synchronicity and inspiration is at your disposal. You need not worry about anything or what steps you should be taking; you will attract to you the appropriate solution or experience or person because living in the moment…without thought interfering, activates your Higher vision to “hear” and “see” the answers as they synchronously appear in your life. You recognize them, take appropriate action and almost seamlessly/effortlessly manifest the desires of your heart.

Synchronicity becomes your playground and your best friend. No longer do you toil and sweat trying to figure things out with your intellect. Life flows to you as you embrace, allow and enjoy. You relax into each moment…KNOWING that the appropriate answer will be brought your way from the Universe of “All Potential.”

You live from a state of trust and your reward is the power of NOW. Congratulations, you have become a creator of “Synchronicity”.

One Response to Be a Creator of Synchronicity

  • Thanks Stephanie
    It’s a treat to read this insightful article.Coincidence is not a freak event that just happens,because the Cosmos is infinitely intelligent,and therefore each event is alignes in perfect harmony with what precedes it.This is what the theory of Karma says.Moreover the univerese comprises free will at the centere and fate at the circumference of the ever spinning circle of life.
    Totally agree with you.
    Here’s what i think about effortless synchronicity as well:
    Expect the the best to unfold for you.Expect without that nervous,clinging obsession ,which is essentially a waste of life energy.Expect with a detached attitude .Whenever you expect with detachment,and a relaxed heart you might be amazed to see how it becomes increasingly effortless to acquire your goals .It is a known fact that when you try too hard ,nervously,obsessively to accomplish or acquire something you increase your degree of difficulty.You waste your effort.There is a Zen saying “the grass doesn’t try to grow ,it just grows”. Effortlessness is natures way,then who are you to violate it?

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