A Life of Limitations or A Life Of Magic…Your Choice

go with the flowWhether we are conscious of it or not, every moment of everyday we choose which direction our minds and thoughts go and this dictates whether we are living a conditioned life…or an unconditioned life.

One grants freedom and the other slavery.

Let’s examine the basic principles that apply to a conditioned life and compare them to one that is unconditioned.

Those entertaining a conditioned life live a life of limitations. They have constructed walls and borders that limit the expression of their lives.

It matters not where they originate from…religion, philosophy or life experiences, walls are walls and they box the expression of one’s life into a narrow channel of thinking and doing.

Those living life from this perspective have fixed opinions, expectations and beliefs as to how their lives unfold and what should or should not appear in their lives. This type consciousness...through lack of purposeful growth, petrifies into a state of non-growth. Ideas are stagnant and because of this, the resultant actions/reactions that stem from this archaic mentality are stuck in generations past.

This blockage of conscious growth within the understanding causes rigidness and this rigidness causes more blockage of energy which out manifests as disease in the body.

Not only is it unhealthy to entertain this type of existence…a conditioned response existence, but it takes a great deal more energy to sustain this existence because it is based on the illusion of world views and programmed responses.

Precious energy…the energy needed to sustain your soul in the healthiest manner is lost constantly trying to validate these temporary principles. 

On the other hand, we can approach life with an open receptive mind…one without preconceived ideas and programs that influence and create judgments or box our ideas into a certain limited path. Acting in this manner, allows life to unfold rather than resisting what comes our way.

We develop “eyes that see and ears that hear” beyond the illusion that is presenting itself. By not resisting, we conserve precious energy that can now be used to explore and expand our conscious awareness of the great unknown as it continually unveils itself to us.

By adopting this higher way of consciously living and embracing life, we no longer rely on expectations. Without expectations (the borders and walls) the blockages that kept us entrapped become alive with potential. Potential and its expanse of wisdom and knowledge is invited to do the works within us. We have broken free of personal limitations and invited in the full potential of “all possibility”.

The limited version of personality with its limited views steps aside and allows the larger “all potential” energy its creative dominion. These type individuals are innovative and creative. They are spontaneous in their actions rather than programmed and robotic.

By embracing the moment with all their attention/energy/consciousness, they avail themselves of this non-bordered, non- programmed essence full of every possibility.

Unconditioned lives are fluid rather than stagnant as each moment is allowed to unfold naturally,  revealing within it the next step needed to achieve the desired result. Our bodies are reliant on energy to function. If we are misusing this energy by resisting the flow of our lives…it causes blockages and depletes the energy needed to function normally causing health issues in one of our bodies…physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

In review: A person living a conditioned life:

  • has fixed expectations and beliefs as to what life should or should not be
  • anticipates and attempts to define and determine the future through the limitations of their borders
  • must constantly defend their world view and validate it
  • attributes their life path and all in it to social conditioning
  • depends on predetermined causes and results
  • has a fossilized consciousness that inhibits the flow of energy
  • has a life full of ruts and unhealthy habits formed from limited, worn out views

A person living an unconditioned life:

  • embraces the moment without expectations or judgments of what should be
  • remains open and receptive for the future to arrive and realizes that a planned future is a fixed future and one not open to betterment
  • sees the value in and embraces  all paths
  • understands that God’s Will must become their will
  • is creative, innovative and spontaneous
  • develops a fluid consciousness that draws in energy from each new moment rather than expending energy on illusionary, temporary circumstances.
  • understand reality through insights…has developed the “eyes that see” and the “ears that hear”
  • welcomes silence in the mind and understands that it floods the heart with extreme euphoria and rapture
  • receives potential directly from Source allowing it to dance to the dictates and desires of the heart

It would be good to examine your own heart at this point and decide which type of life you are presently living. Be unconditioned in all that you do and watch as this higher, wiser consciousness flows into your life creating what seems like magic but in reality is only the opening of the heart and mind in alignment to Divine Will. Magic indeed 😉

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