The Power of Living Consciously

awaremess2Living consciously is the call word of the day.

New energy, new awareness, new minds, new world. This new energy is vibrating our DNA in such a manner as to awaken a broader and more expansive awareness/perception within us, within our consciousness. A higher vibration within our cells allows us to resonate with higher, wiser, inspired thought. It gives us the clarity and understanding to embrace it.

Fear has kept many from becoming conscious participants in their lives in the past. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown.

Living in reactionary mode. Programmed reactionary mode that runs their computer minds that runs their worlds.
Over and over and over.

The new paradigm that is upon us in consciousness is to understand our minds…totally. To become the observer in every situation; the observer of our thoughts, the dramas they create and the fear they use to control us as we seek to KNOW and rule rather than be controlled and ruled.

We are seeking our personal power and our earnest attention has switched from the outside world of effects to the inside world of cause.

One of the first things you will discover as you journey inside yourself for answers to empowerment in your life is the fact that you are not your thoughts! If you were you could not observe them.

This puts you in a place of power. If you are not your thoughts then they are a creation that you can control.

You begin to observe your emotions/thoughts as they surface…without reacting. As you shine the light of conscious awareness on reactionary responses, as you focus your attention with intent of a higher purpose, you strip them of any power and they disappear because of lack of energy. They need energy to stay alive. Without your energy…they die.

We must become masters of how we operate, how energy manifests in our lives, how our minds are the primary players. Without this knowledge, how can we expect to change anything? To have control we need take control.

We begin to stand back and watch how our reactionary thoughts do indeed control our actions and our actions create our world. But if we are not in control of our thoughts/emotions, then our actions are chaotic and our world is full of stuff that we did not order consciously!

One day you tire of it. You are exhausted and beaten and tired of the anger, frustration and negative emotions that seem to direct your life and actions and the repetitive play of scenes.

You begin to look for power…power to use, control and create with. Personal power.

Power comes to those who exert power in their lives, circumstances and conditions through conscious control of their thoughts and actions. Through inspired thought and action rather than reactionary thought and action. Through living a conscious life with focused energy/intent.

Removing reactionary responses allows the flow of inspired thought to fill the void. Reactionary responses come from the past…inspired thought/inspired action comes from power and control of the energy of NOW.

Living consciously is the key to personal power. It puts your mind energy smack into the moment. It forces you to watch the workings and operations within your mind/ego perform as a puppet master, pulling the strings to your emotional responses of the past.  It feeds on the past. That’s all it knows.

As you turn within, consciously turn within…with your attention, your energy and your awareness; seeking, searching, discovering and allowing expansion of your perception/your world, something magical happens. No longer are you slave to outside influences, circumstances or conditions. You have taken control.

You have assumed the place of power in your life by taking control of how you spend your energy/thoughts. Rather than reacting with passive submission each time your buttons are pushed, you have chosen to be master of every situation…using the power of choice to embrace the higher consciousness way.

Joy can only be created from mastering our environment. Living consciously, as the true master that you are is the answer to personal power and JOY in all you do.

Begin your inner journey if you have not already. Live consciously. Tackle yourself…examine yourself and focus your energy/attention inward into the world of YOU. Personal power and mastery of conditions will be your reward.

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