Recognizing Personal Power

Every time that we speak or think of “ourselves” and every time we refer to ourselves as “I” in the first person, we are asserting to the Universe our very existence.

Think about it – the fact that you exist is the one fact above all other facts that you simply can never deny, doubt, or prove to be otherwise. Even if you tried to deny it or make such an argument, you’d still be aware on some conscious level that it is “you” doing the speaking and, therefore, your denial becomes yet another affirmation of the existence of yourself – and around and around we go.

Why is this recognition important? It’s important because, in recognizing or being aware of our own divine existence within any given moment, we connect not only with Self but with Spirit as well – and connecting with Spirit is the key to our Personal Power.

And Personal Power is what we receive – our reward, our gift – for realizing our importance in the Universe.
What you do with this gift and how you choose to utilize the magic of your Personal Power day to day becomes yet another affirmation of our existence – and around and around we go. What we know to be true from the masters of science and philosophy is that there is one vast fabric of reality and we each exist as a thread that, when combined and connected to all of the other threads, holds this beautiful fabric together.

This fabric to which we are connected is none other than our Source or divine Spirit of the Universe from which all phenomena – whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual – is born.

When we use our Personal Power for the better good, we feel this connection. We feel at peace. We cease to worry and all frustrations diminish instantly. We can detach from results, relinquish control, and go with the flow.

Anything that we want or desire in our lives can become our reality as long as we recognize….as long as we practice the awareness….and connect with Spirit.

Our Personal Power is a winning combination of our Thought –Energies, our Will Power, and our Desire Power. One feeds the other which feeds the other which feeds the other. In order to manifest supply from the Universe, you must first form a thought containing a clear decisive image of that which you want.

Be very specific, using your Will Power to remain focused and your Desire Power to fuel your Will Power. Eventually, your thought-form becomes a thought energy or vibration that radiates into the Universe and ultimately returns to you a manifestation of the image. And around and around we go.

This is your Personal Power. It’s a wonderful magical life…….sit back and enjoy the ride….

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