Morgan Visited Her Happy Place – Have You?

When I asked our youngest daughter Morgan what she wanted for her birthday, she paused and a seriously intent look washed over her face as if she was about to ask for the most critical gift she had ever desired. She then burst forth emphatically…

“Mommy, all I want for my birthday is to go to my happy place!”

Now, I have to admit that as well as I know my exuberant daughter who is perpetually carefree and happy, I truly had no idea that she even had a “happy place” let alone where that might be.

And with our full-time RVing life style, our children are some of the most well traveled kids on the planet, so I was quite curious as to what venue would qualify. So I took the plunge and replied…

“Ok, sweetie, that sounds very special to you, so where is your “happy place”?

The answer was an eye opener:

“I want to go sled riding like we did when we were babies… being on the top of a hill with all the snow is my happy place!”

To fully appreciate the look on MY face, understand that we were having this conversation in the middle of the Arizona desert in 70 degree “winter” weather and I was about 3 feet from a cactus (and about 250 miles from the closest snow belt!)

Furthermore, I remember that sled riding experience she was referring to – it took us an hour to bundle her up from head to toe and about 15 minutes for her to come running back inside the house for hot chocolate. This child definitely wouldn’t be mistaken for a snow bunny – and yet, that 15 minutes had a lasting impact and meant something very special to her – so who was I to challenge that memory?

In fact, I am of the firm belief to uphold and support our children’s innocence of youth and if it was her happy place that she wanted, it was her happy place she’d get!

So off we went this past weekend to Flagstff, AZ where all three of us “kids” played in the snow, built a snowman, made snow angels… and yes, went sled riding down the biggest snow covered hill we’d seen in ages. It truly was a happy day and Morgan’s wish came true – she returned to her happy place!

As a child, you’re sure to have harbored dreams, ambitions and desires that you later gave up on slowly, mainly because of your shifting priorities and the race to establish an adult life. But during this journey, you may have missed out on the smaller things in your life – seemingly trivial everyday instances that can brighten up your day and perk it up with a bit of fun…

Your own “Happy Place!”

So it was with some extreme irony that in the midst of our snow day frolicking, my dear friend Abhi fulfilled a lifelong ambition and launched a site called Revelri – an online “happy place” for the kid in all of us.

Revelri pulls out all the stops to bring back these instances into your life, to show you their importance and how contentment and fun in such small doses can have a giant impact in your life.

Instead of turning to medicines to cope with everyday pressure, have you ever tried blowing bubbles as an adult and relived your childhood days?

Has it ever occurred to you to buy a box of toffees for your coworkers, which is an act that can not only bring you together but also add a smile to their faces?

And when was the last time you read to your children at night, or cooked up fairy tales or adventures for them to infinitely enjoy?

These simple tasks are what Revelri mainly focuses on, in an effort to make the lives of its users better.

A Treasure Trove of Small Delights

The actions that are given out everyday are personalized – so when you sign up with Revelri and and answer a few questions in your personal profile, the actions that you get will only revolve around what you can do.

Positivity in life is an essential ingredient, and there are very few websites that actively help in introducing an element of such positivity into people’s daily lives. Sure, there are self help portals that show people how to make their life better, but Revelri does this with a twist.

There are no philosophical quotes or wordy lines of advice in Revelri – there are just actions, simple, everyday actions, the kind that people can take up on a daily basis and try to carry out.

Actions designed to return you to your “happy place.”

Morgan got back in touch with hers, now it’s time for you to return to yours:

Checkout Revelri free here today:

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