Learn the Art of Meditation

heart meditationMeditation is one of the oldest tools known to mankind for accessing peace and calmness in life.

Practicing meditation nurtures and nourishes the soul and heals and revitalizes the mind and body with energy.

Since meditation techniques are non-sectarian in nature, they are readily available to be practiced by anyone of any religion or faith.

When you meditate, you relax into stillness, into oneness…into the NOW moment by a complete letting go of all personal thoughts. You create an expansion of your consciousness into a more joyful state of being by getting out of your personal world and into infinite Oneness.

For most, meditation is challenging at first. To sit in stillness without the mind consistently wondering off is a learned skill but one worth it’s weight in gold and a technique that you carry into the future and can use anytime you need to move into a place of stillness or deep inner peace. You can literally meditate nearly anywhere once you’ve trained your mind.

Meditation is your time to connect your soul to source and listen rather than talk. It is the private time you share with your deepest connection and it is this connection that will open the door to your intuitive listening nature. A quiet mind listens to the heart…one full of mind chatter cannot. Meditation takes you to this heart place.

It is a place of silence and yet it is the most powerful place you can be.

There are as many modes and experiences of meditation as there are people. You can start meditating by following a visual or audio aide and move into meditating on your own as you learn to “let go”. Each person can craft their own form of meditation…there is no right or wrong. Whatever allows you to release from the world of thought and relax into the void of “no thought” works. It’s just a personal thing.

If one technique or voice doesn’t work…explore another. Make up your own. Music is a must for many people as it helps their mind to focus in on something and get out of their personal thoughts. Bach or Beethoven are great choices…but follow your heart and allow the music to play softly and gently in the background while your mind releases everything but silence.

Try and find a quiet spot in your home that you can consistently use to meditate that you won’t be disturbed. Remove any objects you feel would energetically interrupt you and help set the mood by placing any objects into this area you feel might energetically aide you like some favorite crystals.

Most importantly, don’t try and assume a position that makes you uncomfortable during the process. If you do, you will most likely end up cutting your meditation short. Don’t get too comfortable however or you’ll just fall asleep that’s why most people meditate in some sort of sitting position. It allows them to relax but stay conscious at the same time. Use pillows to prop your spine until it feels supported.

You can also meditate by simply taking a relaxing walk in nature with a focus on the sensations of the present moment, however most anyone would benefit from learning the art of meditation using a closed eye sitting position (if that is a position that works for you) and actually making it a discipline.

The frustration with meditation begins with the argument that “I’ve tried but I can’t control my thoughts”, “my mind won’t behave and settle down”. Those are very valid arguments. However, the problem doesn’t lie there. The problem lies with the fact that you…and most others have never been taught how to deal with or understand how your thoughts operate…whether it be during or after meditation.

Understanding the workings of your mind is the first step and its not by chance that practicing meditation teaches you exactly that. The more and more you meditate the more clarity you will get on those “veils” and other terms you hear bantered around in New Age circles these days because you come face to face with them.

The key is to stick with it. Find a technique, a voice, an instructor that you resonate with and use them or their technique to relax you into a state of finding the stillness within the chaos. There could not be chaos within your mind unless there were also stillness. You can’t have one without the other. Knowing this…knowing that stillness is there and you don’t have to create it, all you have to do is to relax into it makes it easier to embrace it.

Breathing techniques help tremendously. Controlling and following your breath in and out puts your mind energy into the right state of relaxation. You can also concentrate on your breathe when you find that your mind is focused on thinking again. Just gently…without judgment or resistance (which creates more thought) allow your thoughts to pass through your mind as you place your attention back on your breath.

Closing your eyes and rolling them as though they are looking upward is another technique that can help to put your body and mind into the right zone.

Repeating a favorite mantra is powerful technique that works for many. Keep it simple like repeating “Ohm” or “Ah” or both. You can use more modern techniques that are proving to be excellent at speeding up the meditation process such as Brainwave Entrainment.

Brainwave Entrainment has a powerful calming effect on the activity in your mind and allows you to achieve a complete state of deep relaxation and mental clarity without years and years of practicing meditation.

The key is, don’t try and do what others do just because it works for them. Find what works for you and then practice it. Practice it knowing that the rewards for learning this process will have a lasting and positive effect in all areas of your life; home, business, love and relationships.

Most importantly trust the process and give it time to work. It is a discipline you are learning and just like riding a bike…each day you wobble less and less until one day you zone in and take off. With meditation, you’ll go from struggling to quiet your mind to finding your zone faster and faster until one day you’re just there!

The rewards are many; more energy, mental clarity, heightened creativity, inspiration and intuition, peace and harmony, sharper intellect and a balanced fulfilled life.

Bottom line is this: there are no set rules to meditating. The important thing is to just do it. Find what works and be patient with the process. Give it time to work.

You’ll not only be gaining the peace and harmony that meditating provides but you will have gained tenacity, persistence and patience through the process!

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