Hard Work or Inspired Action? Your Choice

As Albert Einstein once stated, “a problem cannot be solved by the thinking that created it.”

inspired actionThis quote poses a serious question. If we cannot use our own thoughts to solve our problems then who or what do we turn to to do the job?

Your intuition…your Higher Self…YOUR SELF. That’s where the answers are.

However, you cannot access these answers until you silence your mind. Or better yet, become the silence.

You must ” chill the chatter”…and the clatter of performances by your “mind”…of every possible solution, to any “supposed” problem vying for attention within and through your thoughts.

Each one is presenting ‘their case’ for deserving your attention, focus and manifestation. The loudest winning out.

Meanwhile the most simple, direct and perfect solution to any issue lies silently behind the chatter, waiting for your focus and attention to the NOW moment so that it can speak to your heart….not your mind.

Inspired thought comes from seemingly ‘no’ where. Many times people will express it as “I don’t know where that came from…I was just staring out at the lake thinking about nothing when this incredible inspired thought came into my mind.”

Geniuses have solved many problems by receiving and acting on inspired thought. They know it is not their job to create but to allow creation to happen through them.

Spontaneous inspired thought. It is not planned nor limited…nor thought out…nor connived. It is received.

And, everyone, no matter race, religion, philosophy or creed has access to this magical place of inspired thought.

Inspired thought can almost blindside you with its Light, being a direct connection to Source…it is bright and clear. The minute we focus on it, we ‘see’ the details…the beauty and directness, but mostly the simplicity of direction.

Inspired thought creates excitement within us! We feel movement and joy, ease and trust.

The most important thing to understand is this:

There was never a issue in the first place. It was a definition…a label that was placed on a given situation in our lives by our perceptions…our personal identification with things. Each one of us would have labeled it differently…based upon our own world of created perceptions. So, a seeming problem is only a problem by virtue of perception.

Remember, when you perceive a problem, you create a problem.

When you perceive perfection, you are in the flow and you allow perfection to be manifested through you

When inspired thought becomes inspired action, conscious manifestation takes place.

Should you experience stress, worry, doubt and any type of unease, you are out of alignment with divine purpose…your divine purpose and you are moving away from your desired intent. You may eventually get there but you will be taking the long, hard road to your destination if you are tenacious enough to arrive.

Remove anxiety and fear…place your attention into the moment, your vision in the NOW, keeping all intruders at bay…any thought that would destroy the allowing of the moment to express as it will…without limitations or definitions of any type from you. Any type of resistance must be removed. Just allow and watch the magic of ease as life cooperates with you and you with it.

If you act in a moment of fear, anger, doubt and confusion, you create more of the same. You remain unplugged from the source of power. You are vibrationally disconnected and the power source is not able to reach you.

If you act in a  moment with love, joy, appreciation, gratitude, empathy etc. you create more of the same and you connect with power by virtue of your higher thought patterns. You have literally “plugged” into the Source of  Inspired Power just as you do when you plug your computer to electricity to give it its power. Your connection allows power to flow to you and through you as you allow it.

Our actions on the plane of physical manifestation completes the “Law of Attraction”. 

It is the marriage of inspired thought with inspired action that manifests the power of Divine Will through us in all that we do, say, hear or touch.

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