Cooler Heads Prevail

cooler heads prevailWith the world in a constant state of flux, the practice of being “mindfully aware” is one of the ways we can bring ourselves back to center and get a grip on our emotions.

Logically, you would think that practicing anything that helped us to feel good would be at least as easy as wallowing in an emotion that did not feel good, however, this is not the case.

Why is it easier for us to wind up than it is for us to wind down? Logically, it doesn’t make any sense. We need to reverse our way of thinking in order to find our path to inner peace.

Essentially “reactions”, our emotions,  are our way of expressing to the world how we feel about something that is happening right now, has already happened, we believe is going to happen, or can possibly happen.

Reactions occur from all our previous conditioned, cataloged and filed experiences and they are stored in our sub-conscious mind.

For the most part, an emotion happens in an instant – and without aforethought – as if we have no control. We either “bust out laughing” or we “burst into tears” or we “just lose it” or something similar. We are simply playing out a conditioned response in the same way we have played it over and over and over throughout time without paying any attention to why we react this way.

The truth is that our emotions – our reactions – are the only thing in the Universe that we do have control over. What we don’t have control over are the events that cause us to react – the very things that we expend all of our energy trying to control day to day.

What’s the solution? Being mindfully aware of an emotion before it triggers is how we gain control of our reaction to an event.

Staying centered in the moment puts you in control not your emotions.

There is a YOU behind these emotions and if the next time you come into a situation that you instinctively feel yourself ‘reacting’ to…pause…pause…pause, take a deep breath and choose to “act” in a chosen way…the way of peace.

Our tendency as humans is to get caught up in the drama of chaotic events. And, if you stop and reflect on your life you will easily see that everything you give your attention to…everything,  begins to weave a drama around itself…its own personal story. It cannot survive without that story…the story is what gives it life, in fact, the story is who it is.

The drama will present itself. It will ask for your energy…because that is its life force and how it stays alive, thrives and grows. The more energy you feed into this particular drama in the way of reactionary responses, visions or thoughts the larger and more powerful it gets.

You continue to feed it…literally feed it with your life force energy as your thoughts, feelings and actions are directed towards this illusion of a drama that you have created!

You become depleted, tired, exhausted, spent, drained and weakened…why? Because you gave away your life force energy…you spent your energy on negative dramas that you pumped your negative emotions into. You drained yourself.

Think about the admirable character attribute of being “cool, calm, and collected” in the face of adversity. This is an attribute that we not only expect but demand from our leaders, our supervisors, and anybody who holds a position of power because we understand that “cooler heads prevail”.

The calm and collected peace we ask of our leaders, we should first be addressing in ourselves. We need not rely on anyone outside of ourselves to achieve our own personal peace.

The truth is that each of us has the ability to activate – at will – our own sense of inner peace. We don’t need to wait for the world to calm down and we don’t need to be thrown off balance by every disturbing event that comes our way.

When an emotion surfaces, we can choose not to run with it. We can choose not to exhibit an emotion even when that emotion is expected. This is something over which we have complete control every day of our lives. When you don’t feed that emotion it goes away.  If it is not getting your attention, it finally vanishes because it has not been fed the energy needed to keep it alive!

Today, conduct an experiment with your emotions and make a conscious effort to choose or not choose each emotion – one by one – as it surfaces. When you find yourself not feeling good emotionally, ask yourself “Do I really need to feel this way and understand that it is a ‘drama’ you have accepted into your consciousness that has made you ‘feel’ not so good emotionally and that you have control to change it.

Realize your position of power in the Universe and choose to feel calm, cool, and collected even when the world around you is not.

That my friends is mastery. Mind/mental mastery and puts you in control of your life.

Just think of the possibilities!

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