Gratitude The Magic Attitude

As November silently slips by and Thanksgiving approaches once more in the US, we are reminded once again of the power of gratitude….the greatest of all the attitudes.

Reflecting on our personal lives as we contemplate our blessings, we begin to focus on and develop as a habit, the attitude of gratitude.

It is no ‘secret’ that ‘thoughts create our world’. The patterns of our thoughts reflect out into our world to create it and by cultivating the practice of gratitude we consciously arrange these thought patterns to reflect as positive ones which then change our world accordingly.

Like all spiritual Truths in their simplicity, gratitude is incredibly easy to express. However, this does not mean that it won’t take extreme effort and focus to reach a high level of spiritual thought/gratitude and retain it no matter what materializes in our lives.

In fact, it takes the most concentrated intense effort you’ve ever exerted to train your mind in the way YOU want it to think rather than the conditioned built in patterned reactionary thoughts that have controlled its nature for so long.

Gratitude is the realization that everything we need is taken care of at every moment. It is our conscious connection to Source and every sincere expression of gratitude brings us one step closer to Divine Intelligence/Universal Mind, balance and the center of ourselves.

Living in a state of gratitude keeps us anchored in the NOW and it creates happy, healthy lives because it fills us with contentment for everything we presently have.  Focusing on what we are thankful for allows the vibrations of love, joy, hope and faith to fill our every cell, unleashing the power of unseen forces. Bitterness, anger and fear shrink and withdraw under the powerful guise of gratitude.

When consciously used, this powerful force of thought seems to work like magic, but in reality the higher spiritual laws are simply manifesting in their perfection.

As creatures of habit, the more we consciously exercise the gift of gratitude using our own thought energy, the closer we get to creating the sacred habit of performing in this manner at all times…no matter what appears to our senses or what our ego/reactionary minds try and convince us is happening.

Have you ever wondered why people gravitate around certain individuals? It is because they generate light by being cheerful and happy and full of gratefulness…always seeing the “glass half full”. We as humans love to bask in this light hearted, life giving energy. It makes us feel good.

On the other hand…thoughts of anger, fear, resentment and jealousy steal away our attention, creating chaos and pain. If you are experiencing any of these in your life right now know that  it is a lack of gratitude, (your connection to the Divine)… and your attention to negative emotions that are giving rise to these conditions.

Developing an attitude of gratitude starts at home…with the simplest of tasks and expands out into all areas of our lives. If we can learn to be thankful for the so called ‘little’ things such as the scent of a beautiful rose, or the opportunity to meditate as we stand over a huge basin of dirty dishes that need washing…if we can identify Source in all things and be grateful, that’s when the magic happens.

These little things in life that we miss…that we forget to be thankful for…these are the very things that expand our inner vision and our ability to see Source in all things which automatically generates the attitude of gratitude.

A few simple exercises that you can perform everyday that will increase your conscious connection to gratitude:

  • start your day by exercising gratitude (in your mind count your blessings, at least 5 please…don’t get out of bed until you do!)
  • end the day by gratefully thanking Source for everything that manifested in your day…ahem…that would include everything!
  • look around you…health, family, friends, increased income…or just having an income is reason to rejoice! Geez, it truly is everywhere!

Our attitudes are silent warriors. They are either our best friends….or worst enemies. They can fight for or against us…making us miserable or creating joy in all things we do. Attitudes are formed by our perspective on things and when we exercise positive perspectives, our attitudes are positive and our experiences are positive.

Adopt the power filled attitude of gratitude by applying this powerful force to your daily living. Your eyes will begin to see with spiritual eyes, your ears will begin to hear with spiritual ears and your mind will transform your outer world from negative conditions to your desired positive ones….just like magic!

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