Your Chakra Centers of Energy

The human body not only has a system of physical senses that tie us to our physical realm, we also have a complex energy system with 7 major Chakra centers and many minor centers.

Chakra is actually a Sanskrit word for “wheel.” Chakras are whirling centers of energy shaped like multicolored lotus petals or spoke wheels of light and color which spin at various speeds as they are processing energy.

Chakras operate beyond the physical…although they function in much the same manner. Not only do you own your 5 physical senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight that help form your perceptions of your world but your 7 chakras are senses beyond the physical.

They are subtle energetic bodies…far superior to physical matter and considerably more sensitive than our 5 physical senses.

Simply put, they are energy vortexes/processing centers. Every aspect of our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies is controlled by these powerful centers of energy and the operations they perform. For example, an activated heart chakra will easily spread the warmth of love laced with compassion, kindness, happiness and joy wherever they go.

Chakras correspond to our endocrine system of glands and internal organs. They are connected to and work directly with all the vital organs in our bodies. Each one owns unique characteristics and corresponds to different aspects of our being. The health of our physical bodies is the result of having a healthy, active and balanced chakra system.

When a particular chakra gets unbalanced for whatever reason, blockages form and the related organ becomes vulnerable to dis-ease. It is vitally important to show the same love and concern for our energetic chakra centers…probably more so…than our physical bodies, yet people are barely aware that they even have energy centers.

Because these chakra centers are spiritual entities, trying to explain the nature of each one using words alone is impossible. They must be experienced because they are in the realm of being and consciousness. Additionally, each chakra is associated with a certain vibration and color of the visible spectrum.

From the bottom up they are:

Root Chakra: At the base of the spine (tail bone) is the Root Chakra, the lowest chakra in the physical body. Experiencing and enjoying your body as well as being grounded along with relationship issues are all related to this chakra. It will solve issues related to kidneys, legs, feet, rectum and spinal cord.

Red is associated with this chakra and it has to do with physical vitality and survival.

Sacral Chakra:  is located in the pubic area. It is associated with the womb in woman and the prostate in  men. Clearing and balancing this chakra will solve issues related to intimacy, self image, relationships and reproduction and sexual energy. The organs that are related to this chakra are the sexual organs, liver, stomach, kidney, gall bladder, upper intestine, spinal cord and pancreas.

Orange is the color associated with the Solar-plexus Chakra.

Solar-plexus Chakra: Recognized by most to be your center of Personal Power and guidance. Often times people will “feel” their decisions in their solar plexus. This chakra addresses issues with perceptions, projections and Creation of Self, personal power, anxiety and receiving guidance. It is related to the rib cage along with the ribs, small intestines and umbilicus, higher abdomen, live and spleen.

Yellow is the associated color.

Heart Chakra: Just to the right of your physical heart, located in the center of your chest is your Heart Chakra. As one would expect, this Chakra is related to and solves issues dealing with loving, compassion, forgiving, giving and receiving…unconditionally. The heart, blood, lungs, circulatory system, breast, diaphragm, shoulders, arms and hand are all associated with this Chakra.

Green is the Heart Chakra  color.

Throat Chakra: Located in the area where the chest and the throat meet you will find your Throat Chakra. This Chakra will solve issues related to self worth, integrity, standing your ground and any insecurities that may be present. Associated with this Chakra is the throat, thyroid, teeth as well as gums, mouth, parathyroid and vertebrae.

Blue is the associated color and it represents Universal Love, compassion and empathy.

Brow Chakra/3rd Eye Chakra: Located between and just above the eyebrows in the center of the forehead you will find this chakra. The 3rd Eye Chakra will solve issues related to your voice box, brain, any neurological problems, eyes, ears, nose and pituitary gland. Your intuitive nature, dreams, visualizations, psychic sight and spiritual gifts are all related to this chakra.

Indigo is the color of this chakra.

Crown Chakra: Located at the crown of the skull at the very top of the head you’ll find this last but most important of the Chakras. this chakra keeps the body balanced inside and out and keeps it in a state of harmony. Inner peace, joy, love and happiness are all related to this powerful Chakra.

Violet is associated with the Crown Chakra and totality of Being as well as Spiritual Perfection are qualities that bloom with the opening of this chakra.

Not only do unbalanced chakras cause dis-ease in our physical bodies, any defect in the flow of energy through a given chakra will also effect the emotions, mind and spirit. One unbalanced chakra can impair the entire energy field and it’s ability to process energy, so it is easy to see how important it is to keep these whirling centers of energy in prime health and spinning condition.

In order to fully understand the workings of your body, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual you must first study and understand your energy centers…your energetic vortexes of energy…your chakras. Energetic healing modalities of all sorts recognize this as these are the true keys to a healthy mind, body and soul.

Instantly erase negative beliefs and use these proven and effective techniques  for balancing your chakras immediately. Discover the hidden truth behind the 7 chakras and once you know this you’ll achieve a deeper understanding of yourself, life, and how the world operates.

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