Zero-Point Consciousness

“At the ground of matter there is the Quantum Field, or Void, Vacuum, Zero-point Energy.
At the ground of mind and thought there is Sunyata, Emptiness, Void, Absolute Unity Being.”

zero-pointLet’s take the mystery out of Zero-point. For these purposes, we will explore this term in relation to consciousness…although it is a term used in physics too. (The basic definition and principles are the same…one dealing with physical matter, the other with consciousness.)

What is Zero-point consciousness, how do we arrive there and more importantly how do we stay there?

Zero-point consciousness is the point in the center of the circle that everything springs from. It is the originating point and as such holds “all potential” and “all possibility” within it. On a personal level, it is the center of your Being…your divine connection and the realm of pure potential within you.

Imagine your brain on a teeter totter. Your analytic brain is on the left side and your creative brain is on the right side of this teeter totter. In the center is the fulcrum…the point of balance, the point that embraces both sides as needed components to the whole. They were created to work together, not separately.

Now, whenever you place a judgement of any sort, or allow the ego to take center stage in any circumstance, you have ventured out of the neutral zone that embraces all things into one with personal opinions created from your limited perspective which resulted from eons of personal and social conditioning. You have allowed your intellect to react without consulting your heart…or possibly you have allowed your emotions center stage without balancing them with your intellect.

Either way, you have separated yourself from Unity consciousness that lies in the center of all created things and you have weighted in some way your teeter totter and now it leans to one side.

Congratulations! You have now entered the world of imbalance where duality reigns. Your perceptions are tainted because they form from a limited view since you can only perceive one side of the equation (your intellect or emotions taking the lead) you no longer view the big picture which is only visible from the center.

You are firmly rooted in 3D consciousness where you make comparisons with everything you come in contact with. You cannot view or feel unity because you are divided in your thought processes.

You can never experience lasting peace, because peace is a property of 4D consciousness…the consciousness of Unity and Love which resides in the fulcrum…the center of all created things.

The key to creating peace, joy, happiness, success and fulfillment in life is to stay balanced and the only way to do that is to monitor at every moment where your thoughts come from and where you allow them to reside.

What we must realize is that our opinions and resulting judgments are ego centered and belong to us alone. They are created from our personal experiences and memory banks of confused separated thoughts. They are our perceptions and not our neighbors and yet we constantly try and impose these personal conclusions onto others.

For a very good reason. We are not connected. We have separated ourselves from Unity consciousness (remember when we tilted the teeter totter and left the center of balance). If we cannot recognize and honor the Divine center of ourselves, if we cannot consciously embrace this center within us as our directing force, how in the world can we possibly honor it in others?

The very act of connecting and recognizing our own Divine natures reveals this same pure seed within all others. This in turn opens our vision and we immediately recognize what needs to be healed within any given situation. We have opened the lines of communication between our own divine natures and those of others by residing in Love and not tainting it, casting shadows with our personal opinions.

When a seeming problem arrives our perceptions are clear and our trust unwavering.  With eyes that recognize the Divine in All, we see beyond the outer reflection, which is the effect to the inner reason…the cause.

This recognition allows us to perceive issues that come into our lives as opportunities to advance our awareness rather than problems that steal our energy. No longer do we focus on outside appearances but look for the gem or gift that is hidden within because we have developed “eyes that see.” Outer illusions no longer hold us hostage.

Zero-point is our core self and our connection to Source and the point of stillness within us that has no opinions or judgments.  Everything outside of that central point…that point of origination which holds all possibility, is a split from Source and a world of personal perceptions. The world your ego has created; personal to you but no one else.

When you exist in Zero-point consciousness, your intentions meet pure consciousness with no opinions and judgments to cloud creation.

You have a choice, you are in control.  Dwell in your egotistical world of divided thinking, teetering on one side only with a limited view of life, created from your opinions and judgments…or embrace Unity consciousness which exists at Zero-point, the point of stillness where peace reigns supreme and “all potential” becomes your playground and your heritage.

“United we stand…divided we fall.” It’s your choice.

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