Keys to Building Wealth

Many of us refrain from confronting our relationship with  money management and financial affairs. I am talking about the deep-rooted emotions generated when we think about basic sustenance and at the other end of the spectrum, abundance.

Money is connected to the primal survival chakra, it is in the first tier of the Maslow Pyramid hierarchy of needs and peak experience. This is especially true for the developed western world where money provides food, shelter and clothing.

Maslow believed that our most basic needs must be taken care of before we have the capacity, attention and time for self-actualization, “the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.”

Maslow indicated with his triangle model that we must have enough sustenance to allow time for higher functions such as contemplation, learning, exploration, and activities that build character, spiritual and value growth, moral development and strength of mind, body and soul.

Surveys demonstrate that people do not care for the health of their accounts and assets because of a basic fear about losses, facing bad habits, an inability to confront spending more than one has, and being accountable and liable for one’s life.  It is similar to caring for our physical health.

Divine Providence has gifted each of us with specific talents.  What do we do with our free time?  What do we gravitate towards to bring joy into our lives?  What is your passion?  Therein lies the answer to success.

Because we spend innumerable hours earning a living, the best outcome is to do what gives our heart and soul meaning purpose and therefore fulfillment.  Finding our passion and developing it makes building wealth so much easier.

Many are looking for jobs, many are in dead end jobs and others are on the assembly line of weariness and boredom.

Wealth building is about exploring that which lifts our spirits and gives meaning and purpose to our lives.  It is a journey that requires discipline, steadfastness, courage, and vision.

Surrounding ourselves with that which enlivens us and explores our gifts and talents unearths our incentive and motivation.  In order to plow the fields of our dreams, we need an unending supply of grit, perseverance and faith to work devotedly towards our goal.

There are fundamental universal principles attached to every aspect of life.  Some of the universal principles of abundance are: aligning yourself with your passion, hard work, focus, service and generosity, honesty, motivation of self and others, the ability to learn every day, sharing that which you reap and departing the status quo.

Achievement is a contagious energy, it is a beacon of light to be shined on all that are ready to board the train you have traveled.  Those that are around you feel the light   emanating by the expression of your passion.

“We make a living by what we take, but we make a life by what we give.”  Once you have lifted yourself out of financial mediocrity, turn around and do the same for others.  Pay it forward, make many keys to the door of abundance and pass them out freely.

With your new found abundance make sure that you are in complete integrity.  A simple guidepost to be in clear conscience is to ask yourself if everyone did what you are considering, would it make the world a better place?  Would it improve the lives of others?

Listen to your gut, be open to energies and what they are saying to you.  The gentle inner voice is always there to guide you in every event and circumstance to higher good.

If it doesn’t feel right there is a reason.  Develop the habit of refining your intuition. It is our connection to the Higher Self.

Be a visionary.  “If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you have always gotten.”  Dare to do things differently than others.  Be aware of how much you care about what others think of you and their opinions.

Unfortunately the devil advocates come out of the woodwork when you are testing a new idea.

It is human nature for someone not to want another to do or be better.  You will have plenty of naysayers who will share with you all the reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to leave behind the average mediocre life you both are leading.

Be willing to create something new, that has never been done before.  The three friends who created Crocs bet that an ugly, synthetic plastic shoe with holes would succeed because it was lightweight and ergonomically viable.  They stood apart form the madding crowd and beat the odds.

Creating wealth is about doing what others don’t or won’t do; it is about being different.  Having the courage to do things differently is key, be an outsider of the paradigm, outside the box.  It is about learning, designing new strategies, using the imagination to image in new thought, images, blueprints, perspectives, beliefs, plans, templates etc. open mindedness is a prerequisite.

Look at the environment you are in. Is it conducive to dedicated one-eyed focus in implementing all the necessary components for ease and success?  Creating a supportive unencumbered surrounding is paramount.  Pick and choose your team to ensure that there is cohesion and no rotten apples.

Your business’ goals and mission are at the core of the spoke of the wheel.  The spokes are the team members who support and hold up the structure of the operation and functions of your company. Slowly the new business model of spiritual principles is integrating the professional arena and industry.  The importance of every staff member is recognized consistently.

When a company profits there is an understanding that all who have assisted in the growth, production, and profits be rewarded and compensated relatively.  The old established ways of doing business where staff get end of the year bonuses are over. The new energy pulsating earth is demanding integrity and principled models of operation within organizations.

Our species is a social one by nature, many benefits derive from this mode of behavior yet there is always the thin line, the pros and cons, the other side of every coin.  Being social also precludes comparing oneself to others.

If one feels inferior, another’s success may mirror insecurity evoking negative emotions of envy and jealousy.

Acknowledge this for what it is, desperation.

Rome was not built in a day and similarly, wealth takes time, patience and discipline.  Acknowledging and handling distractions, establishing healthy and balanced habits,

mindfulness with procrastination, creative license and nose to the grindstone attitude will ensure stability and progress through challenges and bumps in the road.

Control your finances like a business, research the most efficient and effective operations of administration available and put them in place.

No need to recreate the wheel when it comes to record keeping, marketing and PR strategies, technological advancements, networking, and financial resources. There is always the latest Standard Operating Procedure that progressive companies employ and it is also standard information.

Lastly, yet one of the most important aspects of running a company is the art of leveraging.  Leveraging puts you on the fast track of formulating wealth.  It allows one to delegate and outsource.

It is the seed to team building and creative license.  It is the panacea for limiting skills, thought, and resources.  Leverage so that you will have more time and work as smart as possible towards your financial freedom.

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