Divination Guides Provide Words Of Wisdom, Sacred Answers And Emerging Patterns

Zeus sent two eagles out at opposite ends of the earth to mark the center where they crisscrossed.  It was Delphi where they met, confirming it’s validity as the meeting ground for the gods and goddesses.  Delphi is built on 900 foot cliffs whose stone reflects the mystical light of sunrise and sunset.  They were called ‘the shining ones’ due to the magnificence of the fire light reflected.

Delphi soon became the holiest and most sacred place in Greece and was the seat of the Delphi Oracle.  Today, there are many oracles or divination guides that may be used to ask questions about where we are in our lives, decision-making and words of wisdom to contemplate and ponder on.  Oracles are a guide, map, advisor, and show patterns within one’s character and personality.
The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, the Classic of Changes, and the Zhouyi is one of the Chinese most ancient texts.  It aids in making decisions, finding answers and providing future prospects.  It is one of the five classics of Confucianism and it’s symbols are over 5,000 years old.  The text has been interpreted in most languages and is used worldwide.  The I Ching is one of the oldest books and is one of the first resources for divination.  Coins are used along with the I Ching text.

Runes are from a Nordic tradition that uses sticks that legend tells fell from the sky and landed on the Tree of Life to assist those who needed guidance for their spiritual life.  The Norse god Odin is said to have bestowed the runes on Nordic and Germanic tribes to guide their life’s journey.  They contain magical symbols on cards or stones.

Tarot cards have been said to date back to Ancient Egypt.  They were used in 15th century by Europeans for card games.  There were usually 78 in a deck and consisted of four suits that varied amongst the regions: French in Northern Europe, German in the central and Spain in the South.  In the 18th century tarot cards became a divination tool for the spiritual seeker.  Some have traced Tarot’s roots to Egypt and the Kabbalah.   There are a plethora of decks that have spun off from Tarot.

Astrology is another map or guide in self-knowledge.  Astrology is based on the location of the planets, moon, stars, the location of celestial bodies at the time of birth.  Through the ages, astrology was aligned with the disciplines of medicine, meteorology and alchemy.  Historically, astrology was associated with astronomy and was “sustained in cultural centers, royal courts and medieval universities and was regarded as a learned and technical tradition.”  Astronomy soon became empirical and astrology seen as a pseudoscience.

Astrologers differ about the determinate factor of the science.  Some believe it determines fate while others state it predicts personality.

Types of astrology that are currently practiced are: Chinese, Electional, Horary, Horoscopic, Natal, Indian Sidereal, Kabbalistic, Sri Lankan, Western, Tropical and Vedic.  There are many types of astrologers with as many outlooks.

Similar to Astrology, Numerology’s origins were solid and revered.  Numerology is founded on mathematic principles and considered a venerable system used by Pythagoras and other mathematicians.  Numerology is connected with astrology, alchemy, science and gaming.  There is a belief that numbers have a mystical connection to life and is a apt tool for divination.  Numbers are considered to have a powerful relationship with nature holding vibrational frequencies.  Numerology can give you information about your name, birthdate, and similar to some types of Tarot, give knowledge of your personality and gifts.

There are many Oracles that may support your intuition in self-knowledge.  They are based in science and tradition and require study, preparation and a good understanding of how to use them.

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