Where Peace Resides

We’ve all heard the phrase “living in the here and now” but most of us have no idea how to do exactly that. We haven’t a clue just how magical the present moment really is and how it can bring everlasting happiness and peace to our chaotic lives.

It is the key to living peacefully, abundantly and joyfully.

As we work towards liberating our consciousness and connecting with Spirit, we must realize this magical power and pay attention to nothing but the present moment. When we do this, all things are possible because we tap into the only real energy there is…the energy of NOW.

Most of our time is spent thinking or obsessing over something that has already happened (and, therefore, is gone, over-with, and non-existent) or worrying about something that hasn’t even occurred (and, therefore, is non-existent). Very little time is spent just “being”…just doing whatever it is you happen to be doing and “being” okay with that…embracing and loving it.

There is so much energy expended feeling guilty about things we did in the past (which, remember is non-existent),things we failed to do, things we think we should be doing, things we’re supposed to be doing, things we’re expected to be doing – it’s all unnecessary crazy-making based on fear, attachment, anticipation, resistance, and more.

It steals all your energy/attention and awareness from the magical moment and gift of the present. You may well miss the sweetest part of your day along with the excitement within because your mind is off obsessing about some seeming infraction in your past!

Here’s a fact: we don’t have to spend a single second of our precious time on thoughts that bring forth negative vibrations.

It’s true – we really can stop the obsessing and worrying right now. Now, this is not to say that negative thoughts will never cross our minds – quite the contrary. Negative thoughts will always be lurking around trying to steal our happiness. And, while it’s true that some negative thoughts are hard to ignore, it’s like anything else in life…the more practice we put into it…the easier it becomes and someday soon in the near future we find that we automatically “think” the positive thoughts rather than the negative.

We have changed our “habit of thinking”.

Awareness and detachment are the keys to the power of the present moment – and vice versa.

Be aware of negative thoughts but detach from the feeling/emotion they bring.

Observe but do not react and bad thoughts will fall away of their own weight. When the bad thought knocks, don’t answer! Instead, pull yourself deeper into the present moment by giving 100% to whatever it is you are doing…if you’re walking up a flight of stairs, slowly focus on each step; if you’re washing dishes, focus on the feel of the water, the bubbles, the cleanliness; if you’re reading a book, don’t just read the words, look at them.

So simple and so powerful and so buried beneath a mound of complicated chaotic untruths!

Liberating consciousness is all about the power of the present moment and our connection to the light body Spirit. You see, happiness, abundance, peace….all of this belongs to us by Divine right – and the magic of the present moment and all the laws of the Universe have been put in place to help us find our way home.

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