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Stephanie Mulac has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur in the technology and self improvement industry and has coached thousands of students to financial freedom through effective use of their inner power.

Having authored 38 digital ebooks, courses, products, online events and product launches, she is a highly recognized speaker and mentor online and has won numerous JV & Leads Contests as an Affiliate Marketer as well as running the largest Self Improvement Giveaway – each year since 2007

Holding degrees in Business and Marketing, the first 12 years of her career included owning and operating multiple independent Computer Service and Repair Facilities throughout the U.S., serving local communities as well as commercial contracts with clients such as Northrop, Unisys, Singer-Librascope, and various state and local governments.

Her career path came full circle when the Internet became mainstream, and she transitioned her own computer business to focus on Commercial Web Design, Online Marketing, and professional Search Engine positioning.

While they formerly owned a house in Pennsylvania, the “Mulac Family Marketers” (which include husband Greg and two daughters – Marina & Morgan) had not seen it for nearly 2 years. After a recent devastating flood during the winter of 2009/10, they finally totaled the property and because life on the road holds far more appeal for this family of master manifestors and they are now officially full-timers RVers traveling the U.S.!

Leveraging her diverse background, today she enjoys a lifestyle of financial freedom, independence and abundance as she travels the U.S. teaching others to create the lifestyle of their dreams!

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