The Power of Hope

As a continuation of our guest author series we are excited to have onboard  today, Sasha Xarrian. Sasha Xarrian is a warrior of truth.  She witnessed well meaning, wonderful people praying for the life they wanted to no avail.

Herein lay the key to the ticket of her extensive search for the question that would not go away.
Why is it that we are told so many marvelous things about who and what we are yet so many people don’t know, or if they do, struggle to connect to untapped power?
As many people experience, asking question leads to astounding discoveries of self and world and if perseverance is involved, amazing answers and truths are uncovered.  Instead of giving into the fear and doubt that presents itself when life turns us upside down, Sasha had an unquenchable desire to find the answers that she knew existed deep in her heart.

She proceeded not to give up until she found an answer by using her life to create a way to activate, develop and use what she had been taught all her life to believe in, “The Word of God.”

She soon realized that faith is indeed a power that may be tapped and used in each of our lives to experience the reality of our dreams.  Her life is a testament to the creation and efficacy of “The Outrageous Mastery Creation Formula.
Life events that Sasha found her life in set many back for years.  She had seven children all in her twenties.  When her husband with a six figure income left her with sole custody and refused to appropriate any support, Sasha was left with huge responsibilities with no training or education. She was a single mother of six facing the unknown and fear for the future of her children and herself.  Sasha used this event to changer her world and her purpose is to share her findings to change yours.
Enjoy the message of hope that Sasha now presents and may you too tap into the immense powers of faith and hope!
Part of our magical nature is to hope.  We hope – even when we don’t want to hope. I am not sure we can live without hope.  Without hope we die inside.  But, we have the innate ability to create and birth new sparks of hope at any time.


And when we reach down deep inside of ourselves and create a spark of hope a chain reaction begins.


  • * Our physical bodies respond and begin to create new energy
  • * Our brains start creating new ideas and desires
  • * We begin to feel a bit more powerful
  • * The energetic particles in the air around us begin to move and change
  • * And unseen forces begin to align with our hope.
  • * And ALL of this is automaticTry to create a tiny spark of hope in one area of your life right now.  Pause . . . All you have to do is keep the spark alive and the other things will automatically occur. It is so important to start small. So many people have big dreams and big ideas (and I love this) –

BUT, as we learn to powerfully create we must start small or our big hopes and dreams can come crashing down on us and destroy our hope.  I have found in life that the faster I try and go the slower things occur. Weird, but true.  Life is about learning who we are – the power we have – and how to use that divine power.

Hope is one of the first steps. The interesting thing is that hope naturally resides in us. The fun part is that we can intensify that hope as we choose.The powerful part is that as we intensify our hopes, opportunities and ideas come to us.  (Not necessarily overnight, or in a week, or a month – – but, they will come.) Life will work with us.

And what appears bad to us now, in time – if we are fully aware – will become a gift in our lives.  That is how life works.  It is part of our mission to learn how life works.  As we learn this (and it is a process) life becomes easier, richer, more joyful and our hopes become realities.

Remember that our hopes are hardly ever fulfilled the way we envision them being fulfilled.:-) I don’t know why this is true. It just is. That doesn’t mean we are not going in the direction we wanted to go. Not at all!

It just means we are being helped and guided along the way by outside circumstances that instruct us– and sometimes shove us down unknown roads.That’s okay. That’s how it works. We are creators. It is our natural nature to create. We have power.  And it starts with hope.

So start a little spark of fire deep inside you right now and create some hope. This will start the process.  This will light the fire of life within you and about you. You will not be alone. Life will work with you.

I promise.

Now, I am going to give you a little match to help you out.  Here it is:


With Love and Mastery,

Sasha Xarrian

Sasha Xarrian was a young woman in her twenties with five children and one on the way when she found herself a single parent and heading towards poverty.  When she was a young girl she was taught to have faith in the word of God which said, “If I had faith the size of a seed, I would be able to move mountains, heal the sick…”

She witnessed many people praying devotedly for a healing of their diseases, the lack they lived, for vital health, troubled relationships, unhappiness, lives without purpose… all to no avail.  She wondered if maybe “the word of God” was wrong or if we just had no clue how to use faith.  She became fixated on the word “faith” which scriptures and stories described as all-powerful yet there was no witness to it’s power.

Sasha became convinced that we simply did not have a clue how to use the power of faith and she needed to create a system that was universal and work in people’s lives no matter their belief system. This is how her Outrageous Mastery Formula for Creation was born.  She used her life to demonstrate that we do have divine powers if used correctly.

She used her formula to heal her son from a life long disease, take herself from poverty row to a mansion in six months, started several successful companies, increased the love-level in her life by 1000%, dissipated stress, worry and fear and developed the method to hear answers to prayer  just to name a few results from using her life as a clinic and laboratory to create the Outrageous Mastery Creation formula.



The very same techniques Sasha used to break free from struggle, pain,  sorrow, and fear… forever are outlined and taught in this simple to understand Free ebook: PAIN TO POWER As Shasha herself says “Now that I’ve “broken-free”, I’m going to share with you a mini version of my story – and how I ended the struggle and pain once and for all. And how you can too.


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