The Age of Aquarius…The Age of the 5th Dimension

5thdimensionIllumination, Enlightenment, Ascension, 5th dimension…these are related terms that have been thrown around in metaphysical and philosophical circles for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

However, in these accelerated times where evolution is taking a quantum leap, these new cosmic energies are causing awakenings at levels never seen before. No longer are these terms for the few…they are becoming commonplace and embraced by thousands of souls.

These are not new ideas that are just surfacing. We’ve been transitioning/ascending into a higher dimensional realm of thinking for many, many years.

In the late 60’s there was a popular group of musicians called The 5th Dimension and their biggest hit was “Let the Sunshine In” or more commonly referred to as  “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” (originally created for the musical “Hair”) Laced throughout the lyrics is a story of our ascension into the 5th dimension. It’s all about “harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding.”

This is the transition…the cosmic transition that is happening right now on a galactic, planetary and personal level.

Cosmic dimensions 3d, 4d, 5d and beyond (rungs of consciousness/awareness of Self) are all connected one to the other. In order to transition into 5th dimensional thinking/consciousness we must experience fully the physical (our physical body, 3d) and emotional body (4d) until they work in Unity and embrace/be and express the highest emotion…LOVE. They must work as a unit in expressing love which is the purest expression of divine will.

We must become the expression of Love in every moment that we live. Our expressions must always be for the “higher good.” We must perceive the world around us with Divine eyes and ears…never entertaining a negative word, thought, feeling or attitude that expresses or attracts anything less than LOVE.

Once we’ve established our  command of the physical and emotional realm and they work as a unit and Love is our guiding Light, we are granted the magical powers of the 5th dimension.

Think of it this way: (each dimension vibrates at a faster rate and can hold more light)

  • 3d…divided, separated, personal consciousness…physical manifestation of our bodies. The slowest densest vibration. We live in this realm with a belief of separation Source. Polarity consciousness, the brain centered world. The world of cause and effect…karma lives in this world.
  • 4d…Total expression of the highest emotion…LOVE. We live from compassion that is birthed from KNOWING our connection to all things.We love in totality without conditions of any sort. No more separate divided thinking caused by our separate thinking personal minds.
  • 5d…Love expresses as UNITY consciousness…an awareness that works only for the Good of All…from a consciousness of being connected to ALL The heart centered world…5d consciousness flows and expresses in the NOW as there is no resistance to take it into the past or future. No thoughts taking it out of the NOW. When you are out of your mind/thoughts, you reside in the magical moment. 

What’s so magical? Not only will your physical senses come alive but you now have access to “ALL Possibility” that only resides in the moment. The past and the future are traits of 3d consciousness and are dictated by our thoughts…with no room for inspiration. It’s not that you cannot achieve some of your desires in this manner, but the road is much more treacherous and you must toil the whole way.

There is an easier way and it resides in the 5th dimension, the realm of all possibility! The realm of ease and instant manifestation. (No more toiling!) Stop and think about that for a moment. You have access to all possible situations for yourself and you can instantly…in the present moment, change anything in your life. You are in total alignment with Divine Will. (your world is no longer bordered nor defined by your limited personal perspective but has invited in the realm of “All Possibility”).

There is no karma to work out because there is no past and future…no cause and effect. There is only NOW.

Remember…you cannot access the 5th dimensional realm until you have proven your ability to be/hold the LOVE vibration against any drama that may present itself in your life. Your physical and emotional bodies must be in alignment and working as ONE Unit, allowing the “chi”, “prana”, “life force” to flow without the obstruction of your personal thoughts, ideas and opinions.

The moment you step out of now and start thinking again you have fallen back to 3d duality personal consciousness with a timeline. It has a past and a future. A beginning and end. Cause and effect…karmic conditions. When you live in 3d consciousness you are busy in your mind rehashing the past or projecting the future…or reacting in a situation from a patterned program in your subconscious. There is no conscious action to any of it and certainly no magic.

5d is where the magic is and there is no waiting for the process to happen because 5d exists in the NOW. There is no timeline…no beginning and end…no past and future, cause and effect or karmic conditions to consider. What you need and want is at your disposal NOW. You have the power of choice and the power of change.

Synchronicity is commonplace in this magical realm and answers arrive sometimes before they are asked.

We “see” with the eyes of Unity and “hear”with the ears of Synchronicity. No personal data is left to create shadows on what is a perfect screen of possibilities.

No longer do personal and private judgments and patterns dictate our worlds.  No longer do negative thoughts have any power to destroy our peace. No longer is our precious reserves of energy spent on creating the same repeated, washed out programs of conditioned temporal responses.

The 5th dimension is the realm of conscious co-creating in alignment with Divine Will…expressing in the moment…the only Reality there is. This new paradigm of thought expresses as cooperation rather than competition. There is no need for competition when there is abundance for all.

The Golden Age on Earth where Truth, Harmony, Peace, Abundance and Love rule…the “Age of Aquarius” where “harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding…” are finally realized.

It is a most exciting time to be alive!

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