Feeling Authentic Gratitude

Tgratitudehanksgiving is once again upon us and soon millions of Americans will be celebrating with family and friends. This special day gives us pause to reflect on our personal blessings.

It’s a shame that we do not take time to reflect everyday on the simple treasures in life and that it takes a National Holiday for us to stop, pause and smell the flowers.

However having a day like Thanksgiving is the perfect nudge to get us back to reflecting on what really matters in life…what the purpose behind everything that arrives in our life is about.

Thanksgiving is our warm up…the day when gratitude takes center stage and opens our hearts with the spirit of Love and our minds expand to hold more of this Divine essence in preparation for the spirit of Christmas to take hold.

Thanksgiving is also the perfect opportunity to explore the meaning of the “silver lining” for without recognizing the silver lining contained as the cause of all that is, the spark, the purpose within the heart center of all things; we are but entertaining the effects of things. 

We cannot permanently love effects because effects are temporary and fleeting and so are the feelings associated with them.

In order to feel permanent joy and happiness, in order to feel authentic gratitude towards anything we must step out of our fixed perceptions of life and see beyond what the physical eyes have the ability to discern. The little nugget of pure divine essence that has been hidden in phrases like “silver lining” is the purpose, the truth, the reality behind all things and is hidden deep within all of life and all of life’s experiences, smack in the source and purpose of its creation.

We just can’t see it because of our cloudy vision; because of the veils woven around the center of our own internal vision, our heart. All we can perceive is the outer effects; possibly we’ve lost a job lately. It’s harder to find the joy in that than winning money on a lottery ticket. But in actuality they are serving the same purpose.

They are both experiences created by our Higher Selves…our I AM presence to bring to our awareness an aspect, an attitude, a fear that needs attention…that needs to move into alignment with Love. It is an opportunity and as such warrants our greatest gratitude.

We can’t quite discern the treasure hidden within the outer circumstance sometimes, hidden in the center, but it is there non-the-less.

If you are not seeing the Truth, the real cause behind the outer effects, how can you be authentic in your feelings towards what it is you have gratitude for?

For example, you have immense gratitude for the great feast of food and warm company you share on Thanksgiving with your family and friends. But, because you are honoring the effects and not the cause your feeling of gratitude is subject to decay. It is temporary at best and tomorrow your best friend could be your enemy.

We cannot feel authentic permanent gratitude until we can “see” with our inner eyes the “silver lining” that is the cause…the purpose behind all things that arrive in our lives; every circumstance, event and experience in life no matter what it feels like!

There is only one Truth working and directing life, it is our personal minds that fragment this simple pure essence by trying to mold it into a personal view of how things should or should not be. By assigning labels and definitions to it. These are the veils that block the vision of the sparkling crystal center, the “silver lining”.

Feeling gratitude is not a trained attitude. You cannot force someone nor can you force yourself to feel gratitude.

Authentic gratitude is the natural effect of a cause and that cause is our seeing and knowing the Truth of things…the “silver lining” within. “Eyes that see and ears that hear”.

Genuine authentic gratitude flows naturally when we are aligned with the attitude of Love towards all persons, places, things, conditions and circumstances. You never have to force it, fake it or train it. It is a natural result.

It is seeing beyond the outer effects to the inner cause, to the recognition of the opportunity to be Love.

It’s all well and good to use Thanksgiving as a special day, as an opportunity to reflect and give gratitude for our blessings. It is more honorable to live daily by them.

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