Lifting Your Consciousness To An Elevated Dimension Through Gratitude

There has been a plethora of information on the importance of giving thanks and gratitude. 

We have gratitude journals and daily we hear how important it is to be thankful for the blessings in our lives.

Aphorism like “the glass half full” derives from the significant devotion of being aligned with all that is good and uplifting.

How many of us feel lifted when we feel the energy of thankfulness?
Perhaps the holiday of Thanksgiving and Christmas are looked forward to and appreciated because they are about highlighting that which we are grateful for and giving.

It is the spirit of these holidays that lifts us up into the energy and realm of increase whereby we gain the blessings and fruits of abiding there.

Gratitude is about seeing the good everywhere and in all things.  There is an absence of polarity, of defining anything as good or bad.

The knowledge that all is good and necessary, that we have attracted everything  to ourselves dissolves the victim archetype….the part of us that may feel that we are ships without rudders or that we are in jeopardy of losing that which we have.

When we feel joy, when we acknowledge universal law, the movement is into praise and thanksgiving because we are touching the Higher Self, which is our true home and place we long to abide.

Just as Aladdin stumbled upon magic and miracles with his genie and lamp, we experience the same windfall when we stimulate our good by understanding the law behind this fairy tale.

Becoming like children, allows us to believe in the beautiful things in life and that they are meant for us.

This is achieved by gratitude, the act of giving thanks for that which we desire, thereby expediting the realization in expansive proportions.

Expectation fuels delivery.  Some think that the tyranny of weakness and supplication are the keys to blessings and increase.

The most expedient route to manifestation is envisioning, claiming, believing and unwavering expectation.

Frequencies allow electronics from the globe to join on a specific wave for communication or other uses.

Individuals are vibrating in a specific energy field and thereby experience all that is going on at that frequency.

If an individual is happy, joyous, or angry, the energy picks up a specific frequency and hooks the person into all that is vibrating at that level.

The realization of this theory assists one in lifting their consciousness to an elevated dimension and opens the channel for all the good awaiting their life.

Praise opens, lifts, and receives, whereas condemnation closes, restricts and contracts.

Have you ever been criticized after working hard at a project?  Your superior focuses on the condemnation of your efforts when you tried your best.

What energy field is set up?  Does the worker feel expansive, appreciated, valued, or is the fire, zeal and desire to do better diminished?

Praise and gratitude, seeing and concentrating on the good, beauty, and achievements, not only helps the doer, it also raises their vibration.

This practice affects our memory and brain waves as it absorbs all that is worthy and good.  This behavior not only becomes a habit, the frequency enters every cell of our being and attracts that which it has sent out.

This process continues and creates a new system that eradicates the previous harmful thoughts by absorbing them into the higher ones.

This action is similar to seeding a lawn, strengthening the root system therefore choking out the weeds.

The practice of Gratitude boots awareness and consciousness allowing the appreciation of all the good in life and elevates one above “less than mentality and limitation.” Thus this activity prepares and lifts us…it is another behavior that enriches our lives and those around us.

The operative caveats are that this emotion must come from the heart and not the head.

It must be coated in joy and appreciation and not flattery.  Praise is not a rote technique.

The other alert is that many of us praise after the storehouse is full. A significant reminder is to praise and be thankful in all things, especially if they are not evident.

When we are able to move forward in faith, (the belief in things not seen) our confidence is encouraged, our faith is affirmed, our belief in the good to come is developed.

This directly actuates our ability to receive.

Look around at what you have, it is the foundation, build upon it and allow your coffers to overflow.

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