Hypnosis Myths

Occult, religion, magic, supernatural, hypnosis is not. Shaman, medicine man, witch doctor, wizard, prophet, high priest, sorcerer, satanist, enchanter, necromancer, seer, the hypnotist practitioner is not.

There are more false concepts accepted about hypnotism by the multitudes today, than the truth of what the science actually is.

False: Hypnosis is mind control. No one can lose control of their mind; they must know that being in a hypnotic frame of mind is a natural state of heightened awareness. The client must give total consent to the process; therefore all hypnosis is self -hypnosis.

Much of the misconception of hypnosis originates from stage hypnosis.

Stage hypnotist portray people quacking and waddling like ducks, clucking like chickens, speaking gibberish, acting as if they were stuck in glue and numerous other silly acts.

False: The stage hypnotist can put anyone under magic spells and dominate their thoughts and actions. Though many people believe that he can make you do whatever he commands, these acts stem from the power of suggestion.

The willing participants must concur with all that is going on. Entertaining these shows may be, they also generate many false concepts of what hypnotism is not.

The skilled hypnotist is adept at the art of stage hypnosis. His charismatic rapport begins with his understanding of the dynamics group psychology. His performance talent is fine tuned in connecting with each audience member/volunteer.

He bonds with the audience by establishing a safe and supportive atmosphere, gaining confidence and selecting eager participants to work with.

The entertainment hypnotist looks for excited, eager, imaginative, willing participants between the ages of 15 and 65. Though the conscious mind is submerged it is present and will stop the volunteer from doing anything the person does not want to participate in.

The subconscious mind will prevent the individual from engaging in activities that are not in alignment with their morals and principles. It will stop the participant from doing anything they would not do in their conscious state. After the subject comes out of hypnosis, they feel like they have slept well and feel relaxed and comfortable.

False: Not everyone can be hypnotized. No one can be hypnotized against his own will. Those who have false concepts and believe the plethora of myths about hypnotism will not allow themselves to relax enough to enter into an altered state of awareness. Anyone may be hypnotized if they want to be.

The process of hypnotism is subjective. The fact that people can only be hypnotized willingly demonstrates that the mind is in control. Hypnotism looks a lot different than it is. Being as it is a natural state experienced by everyone every day, the belief system around hypnosis dictates who may be hypnotized.

If fear and doubt are the ruling emotions, hypnosis is not possible. Those who believe that hypnotism is foreign and strange will not allow themselves to focus, concentrate or relax sufficiently. Their conscious mind resists and holds sovereignty.

False: You cannot hear when hypnotized. The senses are intensely activated and the subject can hear all that is going on around them. The focus of this acute awareness is on the hypnotist’s voice.

False: Hypnotism is sleep. Though the word hypnotism is derived from the Greek god of sleep, the individual is in a deep state of relaxation, yet awake and may have their eyes open. The stage hypnotist often uses the word sleep in their commands. This practice does not aid in the erroneous concept that hypnosis is sleep.

False: Losing control is likely when hypnotized. This is another myth associated with hypnotism. As stated many times, the conscious mind is in the foreground and is subdued but operative. The subconscious mind would not accept any behavior that went against the subject’s moral code.

False: Hypnosis is dangerous. Since it is a natural state, it cannot be harmful or place an individual in any kind of danger. The skills of concentration and focus, as in all things, are paramount in hypnosis for a successful outcome. Bringing all one’s energy to a focal point is a valuable skill in any enterprise, and necessary in hypnosis.

False: A subject may not come out of an altered state. It is impossible to get stuck in a hypnotic trance. The natural altered state of consciousness that hypnosis produces could lead to sleep due to the deep level of relaxation. If one drifted off to sleep they would awaken as if they had taken a catnap.

False: Deep dark secrets are revealed in hypnosis. Can you imagine the benefits in the world of law enforcement if a hypnotized person revealed their coveted secrets?

No secrets are revealed unless the subject wants to reveal them. The subconscious mind is the guardian that protects the individual’s ethics, needs and actions.

False: Weakness of will and low intelligence create the best subjects for hypnosis. The most fitting subjects are strong willed, smart individuals with a keen ability to concentrate and discipline themselves.

False: The hypnotist controls and dictates the subject eclipsing their will. The hypnotist makes suggestions in order to bring out the latent talents of the individual. The subject is in control at all times.

False: A deep trance state is necessary for an individual to be hypnotized. It is factual that 87% of hypnotic states are in a light to medium degree of altered state.

False: Allopathic medicine does not accept the practice or method of hypnosis. Actually, the American, British and American Medical Associations fully accept the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis.

Hypnosis works with the super mind and enables people to rid themselves of old destructive concepts that hold them back from the life they dream of. The first task is to free oneself of the myths and fallacies that surround the therapeutic and beneficial science of hypnosis.

The hocus-pocus precepts shadowing hypnosis does much injustice to the science. It possesses the ability to develop individual’s latent gifts and talents. Our negative perceptions, behavior and health patterns, are substituted by life enhancing beliefs that enable success and achievement.

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