Emotional Freedom Technique for Balancing Mind and Body

eft healingEmotional Freedom Technique or EFT, developed by Gary Craig is a simple meridian-based energy therapy/technique that provides rapid relief from physical-emotional issues.

Basically, EFT uses acupressure with your fingertips rather than needles which is an obvious advantage.

Using the same meridians used in traditional acupuncture for thousands of years, one simply taps with their fingertips on meridians on their chest and head as they think about their specific problem, addiction, ailment or traumatic event and voicing positive affirmations at the same time.

Thousands of people that tried other healing methods without success have experienced success/some sort of relief using EFT ranging from emotional related issues to health and performance problems.

Phobias, grief, anger, guilt, anxiety, nightmares, depression, pain, headaches, fears such as public speaking and flying, any type of trauma often experience relief quickly and painlessly.

It all began with a patient of Dr. Callahan’s named Mary who had an intense phobia of water. As a result, she experienced frequent headaches and terrifying nightmares. Just as her therapists before him, Dr. Callahan tried treating her with conventional methods for a couple of years without much luck.

After experiencing frustration with standard treatments, Dr. Callahan decided to step outside the box. His recent course of study included studying the body’s energy system so he decided to tap with his fingertips under her eyes, which is an end point of the stomach meridian.

After a brief complaint about stomach discomfort Mary suddenly announced that her phobia was gone as she raced to the swimming pool nearby and threw water in her face.

Not only that, but the headaches went with it. Even the nightmares disappeared and never returned. Mary no longer had a phobia/fear of water.

This incredible discovery led to what is referred to as “The Discovery Statement”.

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

One of the benefits offered by EFT healing is that anyone can learn and perform the procedure on themselves in a short amount of time and experience great success relieving stress among other things. Who couldn’t use some extra help getting rid of stress? There is not one of us that stress does not effect in one way or another.

Easy to learn, EFT can help in these areas:

  • Identify and remove negative emotions
  • Take care of food cravings
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce pain
  • Express positive emotions and word towards positive goals

Just as any machine breaks down when the flow of energy that is used to drive all the parts and pieces in a continuous flow is blocked in some manner, your body breaks down when your energy circuits are blocked through emotional trauma of some sort.

Your energy circuits actually short-circuit causing dis-ease somewhere in your bodies…mental, emotional, physical and spiritual…or all of them.

The method of tapping the energy meridians while voicing positive affirmations works together to clear the emotional blocks from your body restoring the balance needed for health and healing.

An example affirmation:

“Even though I have this _______, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

For example you could say “Even though I have this intense fear of heights, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Substitute your different ailments in the blank space. Try variations and make your own up. Don’t worry whether you full believe it or not…just say it while tapping and thinking on the problem.

It is important to tune into your problem while tapping by thinking about it…you want to feel the emotion of it…you want to feel the disruptions so that you work to balance them.

Say your affirmation out loud and use feeling and emphasis if you can.

Negative emotions are a result of tuning into certain thoughts and focusing on circumstances causing your energy system to disrupt. When you are busy doing something else and not focused on your ‘issue’, the fear does not surface and effect your emotions.

You need to bring it to the surface and heal it.

For the most effective treatment make sure you tap and repeat your affirmations before you go to sleep at night. This gives your subconscious time to work on your affirmations and bring them to pass while you are sleeping.

As you practice this method of healing, acknowledge with love and acceptance all that you are with enthusiasm, emotion and focus while tapping on your acupuncture meridians.

As with any healing method it takes time to perfect it…so, be patient with  yourself as your system will improve with time.

There are many books, programs and healers that are readily available for you to expand your knowledge on this exciting relatively new healing modality.

Check out what Internationally known EFT Practitioner and Personal Development speaker Bard Yates has to offer:

Freedom to Succeed… 

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