Do You Control Your Behavior?

You see it all the time, a family member sits in front of the TV and soon is lost to a media induced trance. Eyes glazed, inhibited listening skills, a state of brain mush, or sleep may prevail. It seems they have lost control of their awareness.

Whenever you are deeply relaxed or intensely focused, the brain waves have been lowered into an alpha state quieting the conscious mind. All energy moves to the right brain.

Little do couples realize that their counterparts do not consciously close down when deeply focused A hypnotic state shuts the door to the conscious mind. It lowers brain activity and believe it or not, they really don’t hear you!

In fact, brain waves have been altered, changing the energy from the left side, the analytical, logical part of the brain to the right side, which monitors the emotional processes of the brain and does not filter incoming information.

The aspect of this phenomenon is that the right side of the brain is the manufacturer of endorphins. Hmmm, endorphins, alpha state, deep relaxation, blockage of outside interference, induced sleep… what’s not to like?

Let’s list a few: addiction, brain rot, subliminal propaganda, couch potato, augments disease and premature death, shorter attention spans to name a few.

Ahhh endorphins, the magic elixir sedative that creates that feel good

sentiment. Once we have found an outlet that produces endorphins we seek that experience when we need a fix from our chaotic dialogue, the critic, judge, accuser force within our mind. Endorphins are sought after just as drugs like caffeine, alcohol, or heroin are.

We are lulled into that hypnotic state where our conscious mind is quieted and the subconscious opens. Within 30 seconds a TV hound falls into the domain of the right brain and three minutes for a less avid TV viewer.

The intervals before we fall asleep and awaken are periods when our subconscious is vulnerable and open to any information. This is the best time to listen to auto-suggestive tapes because the focus is on the right side of the brain and the left side babble is silenced.

Hypnosis is a type of clerical assistant that moves into your mind to file the unwanted information to the back of the cabinet and replace the easy to access files with information necessary to change attitude, perception, patterns, belief systems that sabotage desired goals.

Where do you retrieve anything that you have learnt, the subconscious, or unconscious mind. This is the domain of all the attitudes, judgments, stored pain, the kit and caboodle of our belief system.

If we see someone with black hair and brown eyes with a slight build that hurt us early on, chances are that our immediate response to someone who resembles those attributes will be discomfort and unease. We will even seek to reinforce the value judgment to strengthen this perception.

We do not have any control over the discomfort or fear that arises from the input of the subconscious mind. It is exactly for this reason that we should understand the importance of working with this vast unknown territory of our mind.

The realization that we are not in control, that we have a knee jerk reaction to what is stored in the subconscious affords us the wisdom to investigate what has been stored from all of our experiences along life’s journey.

Start by writing down what is ok and not ok with you. Notice your body tighten in certain circumstances or situations. These are messages and information about what your subconscious is doling out.

Question them and recognize that these precepts are in control of your behavior. Then begin the work of transforming the opinions that hold no truth or light. Hypnosis is key in altering the brain waves that allow entry into the control tower called the subconscious mind.

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