Divine Healing Crystals

crystals1Those amazing crystals! Who isn’t mesmerized by their beauty? Not only are quartz crystals beautiful to look at  but they are intelligent and programmable.

Gemstones and crystals hold energy just as everything does. As tools of light, crystals reflect and condense light as well as focusing and emitting light.

You may think you’ve chosen a certain crystal and brought it into your life but in reality the crystal has chosen you. They are light beings and if they are trying to get your attention they will. Reversely if their time is up with you, they will simply disappear as many can attest to. They will also suddenly show up if they choose to be present  for any reason.

Quartz crystals are already programmed by the earth’s energy field and could be compared to computers, however they are far superior to computers, These small but powerful helpers can multitask and this is where new programming comes in. Quartz crystals are the most versatile and programmable of all stones.

Before programming any crystal it is wise to clean any residue that may be lingering.

Cleaning a crystal: you can soak crystals in sea salt and water to release and wash away any unwanted energies from the stone before you begin any programming or dedication. A newly cleansed gemstone is much  more powerful and useful as a healing tool.

Programming Your Crystal as a Powerful Tool

After clearing your crystal or gemstone you should dedicate it or program it for your personal healing and growth. By programming a crystal or gemstone you focus its abilities on what you need. When you dedicate your stone you ask for protection from a high level healing God/Goddess as well to ward away any negative energy trying to attach itself the stone.

For example if you want healing, you would program your gemstone or crystal with visions of yourself totally healed and completely whole again. Make sure that you are not visualizing or setting up a need by affirming “I have (whatever it is you desire)…do not present it as a need.

Simply hold the crystal gently in your hand, while focusing your intent in your mind and clearly state: “This is my personal healing tool. Only energies of the highest level, positive frequencies may work through this tool”. Place your other hand on top of the gemstone or crystal about 1-2 inches above it. Sensitive people should be able to pick up on the energy flow from one hand to the other with the crystal sitting in the middle.

Your crystals/gemstones work with your subtle energy field. You can also confide in the crystal for specific information and advice on what might be wrong. You could ask; “If I’ve been told that I have a certain disease, is this true?” Confide in your quartz crystal and ask for answers that’s why you went through the programming process.

Allow whatever time is needed until you intuitively feel that it is finished.  Seal the energy created in the moment and ask the crystal to focus on the task at hand. You should close your dedication with and affirmation such as “this stone is dedicated”…so be it, it is done, it is finished”.

The relationship with your crystal does not end here. In fact it has just begun. Make your stone even more personal to you by carrying it close to you if possible and even meditating with it. If it is a small crystal you could even wear it but larger ones can just be held for 5 minutes or more at a time.

Using crystals for healing in any areas of your life whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual requires that you step out of the way with your personal ideas of how your desired healing will come about. Crystals are mysterious and work in mysterious ways and many times will take you exactly where you wanted but the process getting you there is not even in the realm of something you could or would have thought of.

True permanent healing happens when the body and mind work together and by asking questions and seeking answers from your crystal you will tune into Universal wisdom.

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