The Physiology of Spiritual Awakening

We hear it all the time, the connection between body, mind and spirit.  Connections preclude a bond, a pathway, union, or a link.  That which one of the component parts of the individual experiences directly affects the others.  It then follows that if there is a spiritual shift, the body and mind also shift.

The body and mind are connected through glands and the brain.  Hormones and chemicals are created by the glands, which then affect thoughts and emotions.

The mind and spirit are connected by the interrelation of thoughts and actions. They in turn encourage a healthy or ill spirit depending upon the quality of the thoughts that proceed to create like actions and habits.

It is important to recognize that thoughts are reactions to the programming and belief structures set up in early childhood.

Many people believe they are thinking when in actuality this process is simply a reaction to the programming established in our subconscious mind.

Sins of the father being passed down defines false programming handed down.  Though parents, family, friends, peers, colleagues, teacher’s, government, religion, may have good intentions, the authorities in our lives programmed the false structures in the subconscious that block us from our superpowers.

Those beliefs that we once held as true are replaced by the urgings of our soul, our highest good. The understanding of the power of the mind and the workings of the subconscious allows insights into why people behave and react in the ways they do.

The quality of the environment we lived in our formative years dictates our reactions and behaviors.  This premise is of great import in understanding the frivolity of judging another. We are simply creatures of our childhood programming.

The Dry Bones song is a metaphor for how body mind and spirit relate to each other.  “…The toe bone is connected to the foot bone and the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone connected to the leg bone… without those connections there is no walking.

It is the basis of the Pythagorean Theory:  if a=b and b=c, then a=c.  Theorists today understand that there is no comprehensive wellness program unless body, mind and spirit are addressed.

When the seeker lifts their consciousness, a change and alteration occurs.  The body moves from a dense state to a more refined condition following the level of soul growth.  What are the physiological markers noticed?  The following are some of the changes that one may expect when there is a growth in consciousness:

We come into this world with the task to develop our senses.  Sensory Integration is the study of how the sensory system is the foundation of early learning skills.  As we develop our souls and spirit, the sensory system needs to be tamed taking on a different responsibility.

The evolving soul encounters the opening of the sixth sense attuning us to the subtle energies.  The senses become more sensitive expanding their abilities.  This gateway into the finer energies demands greater responsibility to comprehend the inherent authority over anything in one’s field.  To understand this protects one from fear or victimhood.

One may see different colors or sparks of light, matrices of light, when closing eyes, in meditation or otherwise.  One’s eyesight may become better or worsen, along with buzzing, whirring, white noise that come and go.  Hearing may become more acute picking up words and conversations farther away.

Eating habits may change and weight gain and loss have been experienced.  Some people pick up chemicals, pesticides, saltiness, and sugar in foods and are much more sensitive to processed and fast food.

There may be aches and pains in the joints, back, headaches where old patterns holding false beliefs from childhood are knotted or crystallized.

There may be back, neck, limb discomfort, soreness and pain.  Any area that is holding false concepts that weigh down with false patterns, programming and beliefs need to go. A seeker may feel disruptions as old patterns no longer serving us are released.

Many feel more tired and even get sick, others deal with diseases, skin changes, awakening at 3:00 in the morning, changing sleep patterns, lifestyle, friendships, career, our passions, altering relationship with family have been noted.

Things that were once our mainstay, opinions, declarations, values, principles, beliefs that we once could not live without are dissipated and dispelled.  Fear, anxiety, sudden feelings of emotions and issues arise.  It is important to acknowledge what is in front of us, as it needs to be dealt with, cleansed and healed.

There are other physiological symptoms that are natural when the soul and spirit become the focus in one’s life.  They are to be expected and this knowing helps us move beyond the crisis, anxiety or fear into assisting our bodies in dealing with the developing rise in our consciousness.

The lift and evolution of consciousness nudges body, mind and spirit to become healthier and balanced, releasing and removing all that no longer works for us.  Body, mind and spirit work together for our highest good.  The body is connected to the mind and the mind is connected to the spirit… as dem bones chorus rings, “that’s the word of the Lord.”

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