Discovering The Catalyst That Propels Us Into Change

Can we change?  Can we be all that we want to be?  Is the metaphor of the caterpillar to butterfly one of nature’s lessons that mirror the possibility of human kind’s journey?

If you ask a recovered addict from alcohol, gambling, shopping, drugs,  gossip, gluttony, entropy, smoking, etc., if change in human behavior and perspective is possible; they will probably say, ‘of course you can change, I did.’
There would undoubtedly be a follow-up emphatic caveat that it takes immense will power, determination, steadfastness, perseverance and courage.  The unwavering conviction that the addictive personality did not work for them is seminal.  The desire for a new and better life enables the ability to face all odds to move out of their self-imposed hell.

Many enter into a Twelve Step Program where an opening to their spiritual nature is established and/or developed.  The greatest gift from any program that assists in creating a new life is the knowledge of the power of God’s grace.  It is a gift of alchemy that purges, transforms, renews, and regenerates.

The time is at hand that we not only change and improve our glaring wounds, we also work daily to become a better person than the day before.   Be observant for emotions that cause discomfort and negativity.  They are exquisite gifts bearing invaluable messages for the care of your soul.

Acknowledging that we want a change is the incentive to begin, grace is the catalyst to propel us into change, and the mercy and forgiveness of God provides the opportunity to succeed, fail and try again, or to take as little or as much time as needed.  Our will determines the trajectory.

Paul from Corinth writes, “For when I am weak, then I am strong,” in his reference of Divine grace.

It is thrilling to observe science affirm Spirit.  The relatively new science of Epigenetics is changing how we look at the possibility of the human’s genetic encoding.  Around since the 1970’s and highlighted in the 80’s epigenetics has turned Darwinism on its heels.

Is the giraffe’s neck long because it’s parents stretched to eat the best and highest leaves that were out of reach, or is it due to the Darwinian theory that over millions of years natural selection determined the genetic encoding for long necks to gain precedence?

The basic premise of epigenetics is a change in the genetic process that does not alter DNA but is found in the next generation.  This finding altered the Darwinian belief that it took millennia to change.

It is epigenetic marks on the genome stemming from environmental functions like stress, diet, nutrition that tells the cells what to do.

A study was done in Norbotten, Sweden, the northern most snow-laden county, where harvest was either abundant or non-existent. When the tiny population encountered an abundant harvest and gluttonous consumption occurred, the study demonstrated that one winter of gluttony could alter the life span of the next generation.

The following generations died an average of six years earlier from the epigenetic mark imprinted on the genome.  The next generation did not have to commit gluttony for their life span to shorten; the mark on their genome dictated the genes destiny.

The epigenetic mark imprints the gene and passes the imprint on to the next generation.  Studies are now demonstrating proof that the fetus is not only affected while in the womb, but also by the behavior of the parent before conception.

The ability to change at lightening speed is available to all.  The energy of the planet is abundantly pouring seeds of grace and light to enable those that have ears to hear and eyes to see to access the divine imprint stored in their DNA.  This imprint is part of the puzzle that only they can plant to establish the divine vision of Earth for the greatest good of all.  It is totally up to will, desire and awareness.

The premise that “sins or virtues of the mother/father are passed down is proving to be an understatement.  Not only can we change, the zeitgeist of light, love and higher consciousness demands it.  The proof that we not only affect our destiny by our thoughts, actions, behavior and character but those of the next and future generations may be a big incentive for the necessary due diligence in the highest evolution of our souls.

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