Law of Attraction

The Art of Conscious Creation

consciously_creatingWouldn’t it be great if you could consciously create your life to be exactly how you want it? Imagine what it will be like to create that detailed life blueprint of your goals and dreams and watch it unfold before your eyes?

Guess what? You can!  Deep inside you, you have infinite power to create anything your heart desires. You are in fact an alchemist within with the ability to mold energy and to create a life that you love by your focused intent; it is the art of conscious creation.

The art of conscious creation is in fact, an art you want to be well acquainted with. This means that you learn how to harness the powers of the Universe that reside within you to consciously create the life of your dreams. Continue reading

Tgratitudehanksgiving is once again upon us and soon millions of Americans will be celebrating with family and friends. This special day gives us pause to reflect on our personal blessings.

It’s a shame that we do not take time to reflect everyday on the simple treasures in life and that it takes a National Holiday for us to stop, pause and smell the flowers. Continue reading

The Age of Aquarius…The Age of the 5th Dimension

5thdimensionIllumination, Enlightenment, Ascension, 5th dimension…these are related terms that have been thrown around in metaphysical and philosophical circles for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

However, in these accelerated times where evolution is taking a quantum leap, these new cosmic energies are causing awakenings at levels never seen before. No longer are these terms for the few…they are becoming commonplace and embraced by thousands of souls. Continue reading

What You Intend…Is Intended for You

every moment“We are always vibrating and calling to us that which we vibrate with.”

The Law of Attraction teaches this and we know it to be true.

However, there is a deeper aspect or understanding to the process that once understood cuts through all the layers of illusion that we’ve woven around ourselves.

As electromagnetic beings, we vibrate. Simple enough to understand and grasp as most of us now have a working knowledge of energy in us, as us and around us. However, what we must fully grasp and understand is that thoughts and words also hold vibrations but these vibrations are not what most think.

Words are one of the vehicles used to carry the energy of e-motion. E-motion originates in our “feeling” centers, our heart centers. It is the birthplace of intentions…our deepest desires. Continue reading

Learn to Hear Your Authentic Voice

Conscious manifesting using the Law of Attraction is at best the single most popular topic in self help circles both on and off the net these days. It’s popularity is due in large part to the movie “The Secret” which opened the eyes of many who had never heard of esoteric laws…laws that govern energy and manifestation.

Although this topic continues to be of highest interest, rarely do people actually have success using it because they skip over the most important aspect of this powerful law…

The connection to self. Our lifeline to wisdom, knowledge and divine will.

Continue reading

Where Peace Resides

We’ve all heard the phrase “living in the here and now” but most of us have no idea how to do exactly that. We haven’t a clue just how magical the present moment really is and how it can bring everlasting happiness and peace to our chaotic lives.

It is the key to living peacefully, abundantly and joyfully.

As we work towards liberating our consciousness and connecting with Spirit, we must realize this magical power and pay attention to nothing but the present moment. When we do this, all things are possible because we tap into the only real energy there is…the energy of NOW. Continue reading

The Power of Hope

As a continuation of our guest author series we are excited to have onboard  today, Sasha Xarrian. Sasha Xarrian is a warrior of truth.  She witnessed well meaning, wonderful people praying for the life they wanted to no avail.

Herein lay the key to the ticket of her extensive search for the question that would not go away.
Why is it that we are told so many marvelous things about who and what we are yet so many people don’t know, or if they do, struggle to connect to untapped power?
As many people experience, asking question leads to astounding discoveries of self and world and if perseverance is involved, amazing answers and truths are uncovered.  Instead of giving into the fear and doubt that presents itself when life turns us upside down, Sasha had an unquenchable desire to find the answers that she knew existed deep in her heart.

She proceeded not to give up until she found an answer by using her life to create a way to activate, develop and use what she had been taught all her life to believe in, “The Word of God.”

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