Hypnotherapy & Self Hypnosis

Emotional Freedom Technique for Balancing Mind and Body

eft healingEmotional Freedom Technique or EFT, developed by Gary Craig is a simple meridian-based energy therapy/technique that provides rapid relief from physical-emotional issues.

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What Is Self Hypnosis

The word hypnosis conjures up different feelings for many people.  Some picture a person moving and squawking like a duck after being hypnotized, others believe it is a sham, while some believe it is mind control.

Self hypnosis is simply working with your subconscious mind to bring about the desired behavior, goals and changes necessary to accomplish whatever you want.

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Hypnosis Myths

Occult, religion, magic, supernatural, hypnosis is not. Shaman, medicine man, witch doctor, wizard, prophet, high priest, sorcerer, satanist, enchanter, necromancer, seer, the hypnotist practitioner is not.

There are more false concepts accepted about hypnotism by the multitudes today, than the truth of what the science actually is.

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Hypnosis Techniques

Milton Hyland Erickson MD

Evolution is about adaptation and natural selection. Hypnosis techniques have evolved in adapting to the different personality, character traits , and learning style of individuals.

There was a time that hypnotists believed one modality was suitable for all, just as pedagogues perceived that one learning style was sufficient for the masses. If a student had a problem with the learning process then it was their deficiency, not the educational system.

It used to be accepted theory that some were susceptible to trance like states while others were not. Today this belief is a proven myth.

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Do You Control Your Behavior?

You see it all the time, a family member sits in front of the TV and soon is lost to a media induced trance. Eyes glazed, inhibited listening skills, a state of brain mush, or sleep may prevail. It seems they have lost control of their awareness.

Whenever you are deeply relaxed or intensely focused, the brain waves have been lowered into an alpha state quieting the conscious mind. All energy moves to the right brain.

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Hypnosis And Your Subconscious Mind

The term hypnosis seems to create a misunderstood affect on many. What the many do not realize is that we are in a hypnotic trance throughout the day. The alpha brain wave of hypnosis is quite a natural state. During intense focus when all other thoughts or distractions are blocked out, the conscious mind loses control, opening the door to the subconscious or unconscious mind.

You have heard the statement, knock, knock, is anybody there? Usually this inquiry is directed to someone who is ‘zoned out’ which occurs during TV watching, book reading, daydreaming, concentrating, etc. There is a shift in brain wave activity, which permits suggestive messages to alter old, crystallized, habitual self destructive patterns.

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Welcome – From The Motorhome of the Mulac Family

Stephanie Mulac has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur in the technology and self improvement industry and has coached thousands of students to financial freedom through effective use of their inner power.

Having authored 38 digital ebooks, courses, products, online events and product launches, she is a highly recognized speaker and mentor online and has won numerous JV & Leads Contests as an Affiliate Marketer as well as running the largest Self Improvement Giveaway – each year since 2007

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