Energy Healing

Bach Flower Essences Have the Power to Heal

bach_flower_essencesBach Flower Essences

It is probably not surprising to you to know that flowers have the power to heal, as I’m sure you have received flowers at some point in your life and immediately you smiled big and felt overwhelmed with love.

Flowers not only look beautiful, but their aroma can literally bring healing to a heavy heart.  This is exactly why some men and women have spent their lives researching the healing characteristics of flowers and herbs. Continue reading

Binaural Beats for Healing and Happiness

binaural beatsThe topic of binaural beats seems to be getting a lot of attention these days as more and more people discover the benefits of using this powerful method of healing the mind. For many, their first introduction to binaural beats comes in their search for meditation practices since binaural beats are a often used to reach deep levels of meditation.

It’s no secret that meditation is a needed element for consciousness expansion. However, many people find meditating difficult…it is just too hard to hold their mind’s focus. Binaural beats comes to the rescue. Anyone can do it. Continue reading

Divine Healing Crystals

crystals1Those amazing crystals! Who isn’t mesmerized by their beauty? Not only are quartz crystals beautiful to look at  but they are intelligent and programmable.

Gemstones and crystals hold energy just as everything does. As tools of light, crystals reflect and condense light as well as focusing and emitting light. Continue reading

The Three C’s, Crystals, Chakras and Color

chakra crystalsChakras are energy vortexes located in a vertical direction in different spots along the spine. Depending on what article or piece of information you may be reading at the time you may be introduced to anywhere from 7 to 15 Chakras with thousands of minor chakras located throughout the energy body. There are 7 major chakras that are generally referred to.

Crystals are minerals that contain subtle vibrations and frequencies that can be used for healing and to bring the bodies natural energy state back into balance. Continue reading

The Power of Mantras

mantraMantras are powerful tools that can be used to help us make the consciousness shift into higher frequency less stressful, with ease and grace.

Mantras are simple phrases or chants such as “om” which creates sound wave energy that promotes healing, creativity and spiritual growth.

Do not underestimate the power of mantras, they are not mere thoughts or mere words; they have the power to heal. Continue reading

Tgratitudehanksgiving is once again upon us and soon millions of Americans will be celebrating with family and friends. This special day gives us pause to reflect on our personal blessings.

It’s a shame that we do not take time to reflect everyday on the simple treasures in life and that it takes a National Holiday for us to stop, pause and smell the flowers. Continue reading

Energy Healing…What, Why and How?

healing-handsEnergy Healing. Practiced for thousands of years, energy healing is the future of medicine and a very commonly used phrase these days. But what exactly is energy healing and how does it work?

First you must have clarity that everything…and that means everything that is in the Universe is made up of energy. Although known by many names, Life Force, Chi,  Prana, Mana and Ki (from Japan and where the name Reiki originated) it’s all the same energy…our life force energy.

It makes sense then that if this energy is the Source of what is running everything that exists…including us, that it is prudent to keep this energy flowing in a healthy way throughout our four bodies…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in order to maintain balance and health in our lives. Continue reading

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