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Leaving Limiting Beliefs Behind

believeLimiting beliefs, they hide in our psyche’s and only come out to haunt us when we are feeling positive about something.

We all have them but most times are unaware how they color our lives and our interactions with others and steal our peace.

Limiting beliefs form our perceptions and shape our worlds. We’ve lived with them for many years…sometimes many lifetimes. Worry, self-doubt, fear…they all play a role in destroying our self-esteem and self-confidence. Continue reading

For The LOVE of Fear

fear monsterThe many disguises of fear. Do you know them?

If you are like most people when
circumstances and situations occur in your life your first approach to them is fear. Yep, believe it or not, it is fear that dominates most every mind.That’s why religions designate the physical realm as the realm of “Satan.” Fear truly does rule.

You won’t recognize fear most times because well, it has many very clever designs and tactics that it hides behind.

Continue reading

Love All That You Are

power of youAs the Age of Aquarius continues to imprint the energies of Christ Consciousness within humanity, the cleansing required to achieve this high level of energetic awareness and LOVE is well underway.

Before one can transmute any energy, they must first face this energy, see it for exactly what it is and use their power of “thought transmutation” to effectively change this lower energy into a higher energy signature. Light will always overcome darkness.

Welcome to the 4th dimension. The dimension of clearing to get clarity.

Reaching for this high ideal requires us to deal with our whirlpool of emotions, our pain and our self inflicted judgments. Feelings and memories must rise to the surface, yes, we must deal with what is inside of us…what has imprinted itself through our lack of knowledge into our ‘soul pattern’. Continue reading

Understanding the Human Aura

auraAn aura is an energy field, a very subtle energy field of luminous radiation. Every plant, animal or object has an aura. It is the electric field surrounding all matter and as such can be measured with the right equipment just like most other electric fields.

Even your human aura can be read and seen by sensitive meters. Kirlian photography has been used since the mid 1900’s to view auras.

This signature of our energy is fluid, constantly in motion, morphing and changing with every thought we think, every word we express and every deed we do. Continue reading

A Time For JOY

Joyx“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river
moving in you, a joy.”

All thoughts…and every emotion has a unique vibration…a unique signature that belongs to it alone. Because thoughts are things, this vibration is in fact what makes it what it is.

Thoughts of love, peace, and happiness…any positive emotion, reside on the higher end of the vibratory scale. They are finer and move quicker, generating more light. Whereas stressful, angry, fearful, negative thoughts carry a slow, dense vibration…the slower the vibration the less light that is generated.

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Hard Work or Inspired Action? Your Choice

As Albert Einstein once stated, “a problem cannot be solved by the thinking that created it.”

inspired actionThis quote poses a serious question. If we cannot use our own thoughts to solve our problems then who or what do we turn to to do the job?

Your intuition…your Higher Self…YOUR SELF. That’s where the answers are.

However, you cannot access these answers until you silence your mind. Or better yet, become the silence.

You must ” chill the chatter”…and the clatter of performances by your “mind”…of every possible solution, to any “supposed” problem vying for attention within and through your thoughts.

Each one is presenting ‘their case’ for deserving your attention, focus and manifestation. The loudest winning out. Continue reading

The Power of Living Consciously

awaremess2Living consciously is the call word of the day.

New energy, new awareness, new minds, new world. This new energy is vibrating our DNA in such a manner as to awaken a broader and more expansive awareness/perception within us, within our consciousness. A higher vibration within our cells allows us to resonate with higher, wiser, inspired thought. It gives us the clarity and understanding to embrace it.

Fear has kept many from becoming conscious participants in their lives in the past. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. Continue reading

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