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As a continuation of our guest author series we are excited to have onboard  today, Sasha Xarrian. Sasha Xarrian is a warrior of truth.  She witnessed well meaning, wonderful people praying for the life they wanted to no avail.

Herein lay the key to the ticket of her extensive search for the question that would not go away.
Why is it that we are told so many marvelous things about who and what we are yet so many people don’t know, or if they do, struggle to connect to untapped power?
As many people experience, asking question leads to astounding discoveries of self and world and if perseverance is involved, amazing answers and truths are uncovered.  Instead of giving into the fear and doubt that presents itself when life turns us upside down, Sasha had an unquenchable desire to find the answers that she knew existed deep in her heart.

She proceeded not to give up until she found an answer by using her life to create a way to activate, develop and use what she had been taught all her life to believe in, “The Word of God.”

The History of Feng Shui

Many people have heard the term Feng Shui in passing, perhaps in relation to home, office or space improvement.

After asking several people words they associate with Feng Shui, replies included energy, placement of objects, decorating,  mirrors, chimes, placement of doors, etc. Many perceive Feng Shui as a theory versus an exact science.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that dates back over 3,500 years to Neolithic China and is literally defined as wind-water.  The life force, energy better known as Chi in the East, is carried by wind scattering it everywhere until chi meets water or other matter. Continue reading

Never Look Down on Anyone

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.

The story goes that Lucifer was the angel of light and lost his place of honor.  He became the great accuser.  Lucifer accused mankind which is said to be the gravest offense of the Light.

The essence of the word compassion indicates not only awareness, being full in heart, yet also includes action, stemming from the word passion.  Thus the heart is filled with passion for the highest good of another. Continue reading

Keys to Building Wealth

Many of us refrain from confronting our relationship with  money management and financial affairs. I am talking about the deep-rooted emotions generated when we think about basic sustenance and at the other end of the spectrum, abundance.

Money is connected to the primal survival chakra, it is in the first tier of the Maslow Pyramid hierarchy of needs and peak experience. This is especially true for the developed western world where money provides food, shelter and clothing.

Maslow believed that our most basic needs must be taken care of before we have the capacity, attention and time for self-actualization, “the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.”

Continue reading

Conscious Breathing

It is the first and last action we take in life.  It is the climax of birth and the denouement of death.  Life begins and ends with our intake of prana, chi, ki, energy, or air.

At birth the anticipated cry brings excitement as the newborn takes in their first breath indicating life and energy.  At death, the last breath brings the realization that the soul has departed and the spirit travels to a different sphere.

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Divination Guides Provide Words Of Wisdom, Sacred Answers And Emerging Patterns

Zeus sent two eagles out at opposite ends of the earth to mark the center where they crisscrossed.  It was Delphi where they met, confirming it’s validity as the meeting ground for the gods and goddesses.  Delphi is built on 900 foot cliffs whose stone reflects the mystical light of sunrise and sunset.  They were called ‘the shining ones’ due to the magnificence of the fire light reflected.

Delphi soon became the holiest and most sacred place in Greece and was the seat of the Delphi Oracle.  Today, there are many oracles or divination guides that may be used to ask questions about where we are in our lives, decision-making and words of wisdom to contemplate and ponder on.  Oracles are a guide, map, advisor, and show patterns within one’s character and personality.
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Lessons In Higher Consciousness And Soul Growth

Many of us have come to the understanding that this journey we call life is a school for the soul. 

Each and every event, occurrence and experience we encounter provides a lesson for soul growth and higher consciousness if the lesson within the experience is learned.

The lesson within every minute of any given day continues to present itself to us until we can move on because we have become open and gained the wisdom presented.

We have often heard of the term control freak, drama queen/king, defining those with control problems.  Many who really get it simply shrug their shoulders stating that truly we do not have control over anything.
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