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Bach Flower Essences Have the Power to Heal

bach_flower_essencesBach Flower Essences

It is probably not surprising to you to know that flowers have the power to heal, as I’m sure you have received flowers at some point in your life and immediately you smiled big and felt overwhelmed with love.

Flowers not only look beautiful, but their aroma can literally bring healing to a heavy heart.  This is exactly why some men and women have spent their lives researching the healing characteristics of flowers and herbs. Continue reading

Power of Forgiveness

forgive_yourselfOur journey home to self awareness, our journey home to love and acceptance requires courage, strength and strong convictions and the two most important aspects of healing one’s emotional, mental and physical bodies is the power to forgive and the power of gratitude.

Forgiveness of others begins and ends at home. Self-forgiveness is the starting point. If we don’t love ourselves how can we love and forgive others authentically?We can’t. Continue reading

Hard Work or Inspired Action? Your Choice

As Albert Einstein once stated, “a problem cannot be solved by the thinking that created it.”

inspired actionThis quote poses a serious question. If we cannot use our own thoughts to solve our problems then who or what do we turn to to do the job?

Your intuition…your Higher Self…YOUR SELF. That’s where the answers are.

However, you cannot access these answers until you silence your mind. Or better yet, become the silence.

You must ” chill the chatter”…and the clatter of performances by your “mind”…of every possible solution, to any “supposed” problem vying for attention within and through your thoughts.

Each one is presenting ‘their case’ for deserving your attention, focus and manifestation. The loudest winning out. Continue reading

Energy Healing…What, Why and How?

healing-handsEnergy Healing. Practiced for thousands of years, energy healing is the future of medicine and a very commonly used phrase these days. But what exactly is energy healing and how does it work?

First you must have clarity that everything…and that means everything that is in the Universe is made up of energy. Although known by many names, Life Force, Chi,  Prana, Mana and Ki (from Japan and where the name Reiki originated) it’s all the same energy…our life force energy.

It makes sense then that if this energy is the Source of what is running everything that exists…including us, that it is prudent to keep this energy flowing in a healthy way throughout our four bodies…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in order to maintain balance and health in our lives. Continue reading

The Age of Aquarius…The Age of the 5th Dimension

5thdimensionIllumination, Enlightenment, Ascension, 5th dimension…these are related terms that have been thrown around in metaphysical and philosophical circles for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

However, in these accelerated times where evolution is taking a quantum leap, these new cosmic energies are causing awakenings at levels never seen before. No longer are these terms for the few…they are becoming commonplace and embraced by thousands of souls. Continue reading

An Introduction to Ancient Nordic Runes

RUINS_ThreeAs we walk the path to personal growth, it helps to have a “tool” handy that can help us get an energetic read about our current state, probing questions or direct us in times of ambiguity or suffering.

Like tarot cards and the I Ching, the Nordic Runes have become a great way of utilizing the powers of the Universe to grasp hidden meanings of the various situations and circumstances that happen to us day to day. Continue reading

The Magic of Detachment

For many, this concept is difficult to comprehend because “detachment” is often associated with terms like “uncaring”, “cold”, “indifferent” and other negative connotations. In the metaphysical sense, however, the truth is quite the contrary.

To be detached in any given situation doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the end result. It simply means that our overall happiness is no longer dependent upon how it all ends. It means that the rest of our day can’t be ruined by a single event – and how cool is that? Continue reading

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