Crossing Paths With People Exactly When You Are Meant To

51848_20130610_112447_imageHave you ever had a person come into your life from seemingly nowhere? Chances are that you have as most people experience this. Believe it or not, some of these people are actually part of the bigger picture. As hard as it may be to wrap your mind around, a random person coming into your life could very well be part of your life path.

In other blogs I have talked about the way that we are all united, in one way or another. Many people have a hard time understanding this because most of the people in today’s society are raised with a small fish in a big pond mentality.

For some reason, it seems as if the days of people understanding that we are all connected are beginning to fade away. This may not seem like a big deal on the surface, after all it is important to make sure that you get ahead in life, right?

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Uncovering and Healing Your Limiting Beliefs

imagesIt’s human nature to try and provide ourselves with the best life possible. However, for some reason, it also seems like it can be a part of human nature to hold ourselves back?

So the question is, why does this happen?

There are many different reasons for people holding themselves back. For example, low confidence, poor self-esteem and self-worth as well as life choices are a few reasons. However, the most common tends to be limiting beliefs.

Have you ever heard of limiting beliefs before?

If not, here is a brief explanation so that may be on the same page. Limiting beliefs are exactly what they sound like. They are beliefs that we hold in ourselves that hold us back in life.

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Using Meditation To Heal Wounds of Abuse

Alcohol-RecoveryIf I were to tell you that someone is being abused right now, at this very moment, would you believe me? Well if not, I have a strong wake up call for you! Not only is it true, it is happening to more than one person.

The reason I am telling you this is so that if you, or someone you know is being abused, you are not alone. Abuse is a lot more common than people would like to admit. It seems as if society has fallen into a time where it is almost normal and what is to be expected.

As well, it seems as if there is no bounds or specific group of people who are in danger. Anyone can fall subject to abuse from children to seniors and everyone in-between. The color of your skin does not matter, neither does religious beliefs, anyone can be affected by this life altering toxin that people know as abuse.

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Change and Grow Daily

How are you progressing? Are you stuck? We must change and grow daily to experience all we have sent here to be.


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Would You Do Things Differently Today If It Were Your Last?

takingtimeThis past Christmas, amidst embracing the joys of the holiday season with my family, I had a profound message come to me that I couldn’t get out of my head.

It occurred as a result of a Facebook group that I’d been following through most of 2012 which was setup as a community rallied around a dying boy with prayers and support for he and his family.

The angels took him to heaven prior to the 2012 holidays and his mother wrote a poignant tribute to him right before Christmas that will stick with me forever.

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A Day Of Quiet Reflection On An Amazing 7 Year Journey

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that as our circle of influence has grown throughout the years that not everyone has been on this amazing life’s journey with us from the start. So I thought it was time for a little trip down memory lane to share with our dear friends – old and new – a glimpse into our past and how we’ve arrived in YOUR LIFE today in this space.

Seven years ago today, my husband Greg and I reached a milestone as he quit his J.O.B. and arrived home from work to tell our then, very young daughters, that he’d just quit and would be staying at home with us forever. Our youngest replied, “Yay, your new job is to stay home and play with us all day!” And “play” we did – indeed…!

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Natural Clear Vision Review

I’ve been involved in the self-help industry in some capacity or other for many years. I’ve reviewed hundreds if not thousands of self-help products covering a wide variety of topics. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of good and not-so-good self-help material over the years that I’ve been doing this.

But the moment I heard about Natural Clear Vision, I instantly knew it was nothing short of a winner. And that was before I’d even tried the product out. When I eventually did get to doing, it not only proved my assumptions correct but blew me away as well! It was honestly, an out of this world experience. I never knew a self-help product could invoke such feelings in someone until I stumbled upon Natural Clear Vision. I’d like to make one thing clear though, which is that I wasn’t paid or sponsored to do this review, so everything you’re about to hear is completely unbiased and represents nothing but my honest opinion of this product.

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