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"May I personally evaluate your entire business and offer you my expert assessment on how you can go from pennies to profits?"
Introducing the:

"30 In 3" Sizzling Summer Blowout!

Over the next 3 days - we are opening 10 spots daily to 30 fast movers who will jump at the opportunity to have us do a Personal Evaluation on their entire business model!

What you will receive from us:

  • Our exclusive 8-point Professional Evaluation of your business model & ALL of your websites
  • A Fast Action Checklist - custom tailored, just for you and prioritized to keep you focused & efficient
  • Our "Social Networking" Check-Up to determine how you are fairing in the social arena
  • A List Building & Monetization Review
  • A "Leaving Money On The Table" Critical Assessment
  • A follow up Coaching Call to check your progress

You Qualify If You:

  • Have an existing business, and/or any combination of websites, squeeze pages, blogs, social networking presence...

  • If you have a new business idea you would like to start and want to get it off the ground on the right foot!

  • Have an offline business and are struggling with how to capitalize it with a online presence

  • Are ready to "kick it up a notch" and see the benefits of having someone who knows the ropes provide insight, guidance, and proven insider tips and techniques!


What This Evaluation Will
Do For You & Your Bottom Line:

  • Save you time & save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and the trial and error that's keeping you from the proverbial pot of gold
  • Find the holes in your system where money is slipping through the cracks - and show you how to quickly plug the leak and put more money in your pocket immediately.
  • Double, triple or even quadruple your list building efforts allowing you to earn insane profits from your list alone!
  • Allow you to dominate your niche and "own" top placement in the search engines (without spending a dime on advertising)
  • Build branding and turn you into the major player you are meant to be!
  • And most important... have the peace of mind that you are on the right track and building your online empire like the pros!


"Ok, Stephanie - what's this going to cost me?"

Fair question, and the answer will astound you!

Before now, we ONLY did these types of evaluations when clients paid between $5000 to $25,000 for our coaching and mentoring services - because it was part of our overall package.

But we know that kind of investment is out of reach for many people, and we believe that these evaluations alone - in the right hands of a chosen few - can make all the difference in a person's future earning potential.

So we are testing a pilot program for a lower ticket product, and these evaluations are part of that program.

As a result, for a limited time while we are testing and perfecting our "30 in 3" Special Promotion,  we are offering these custom evaluations for an insane $297, $197, $67!

That's right - you get our professional expertise, insider secrets, personal evaluation, action steps checklist and prioritization, AND a follow up Coaching Call...

ALL for only $67!

But make no mistake - this pilot promotion is only going to be available for 3 days and for the first 10 people each day who swoop it up! (30 spots total)

(And evaluations will be done on a first-come, first-served basis - so don't delay!)

After that, we will be incorporating these evaluations into a new product and YOU WILL PAY MORE!

So why wait?

Strike while the iron is hot and
secure your spot right now:


(After successful completion, you will be taken to our help desk at http://www.infiniteevolutioncenter.com/support  and all you need to do
to get the ball rolling is submit a ticket and give us a list of your current websites,
blogs, URLs, social networking accounts, etc., and we'll do the rest!)

I am looking forward to evaluating your business model and helping you earn the income you've always known possible!

To Your Infinite Evolution!

Stephanie Mulac &
The Mulac Family Marketers

P.S. Haven't you always wished someone would breeze into your life and look over everything you're doing and make sure you're on the right track?

Well... Wishes DO Come True and I'm that "Someone" you've been looking for:

Take Action Today:

"Let's enjoy this journey to greatness together..."